Friday, January 7, 2011

Misty's New Years Eve Look

This blog is a response to my New Years Eve looks request from readers.

Misty Brantley sent me this super cute look.


  1. Zana Face Primer
  2. Zana Cream Makeup in Light Beige only for Concealer
  3. Zana Liquid Foundation in Light Beige just a pea size drop
  4. Zana Unilucent Pressed Powder


  1. Zana Blush in Rumba


  1. Zana Lid Primer
  2. Zana Debutant Star Eye Shadow
  3. Zana Gold Diva Eye Shadow
  4. Zana Lime Nude Eye Shadow
  5. Zana Tropical Apple Eye Shadow
  6. Zana Liner Marker in Black Owl
  7. Zana Sexy Lash Volume Mascara


  1. Zana Brow liner in Dark Brown
  2. Zana Brown Pecan Eye Shadow


  1. Zana Liner Marker in Ivy Nude
  2. Zana Lipstick in Seductive Diva
  3. Zana Lip Plumper

And to apply my Makeup I used Zana Pro Makeup Brush Set

A super big thank you to Misty for sending in my first readers look! Hope everyone had a great New Year's eve.

Subscribe to my blog and have a Happy New Year! ~ Jamie

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