Friday, June 24, 2011

Hair Dreams ~ To extend or not to extend

With all these celebrities changing their hair day after day from natural to adding 6, 9, 12 inches to their already fabulous hair with removable and semi permanent extensions really make extensions very alluring. A woman's hair is one of the sexiest things to a guy so with all the options a woman has she can't help but wonder... To extend, or not to extend?

Have you been wondering the pros and cons of extensions? Whether it is the removable day-to-day extensions or even the 3-6 month semi-permanent ones, I have some of your questions covered! It started out for me three and half years ago when I had a vision of long flowing hair at my wedding, but at the time my soon to be husband proposed to me and we set our date there was no way my hair was growing, 20" in 6 months! ha ha , no way! I had tried the removable extensions already and wasn't too thrilled with them so it was time to see how semi-permanent worked.

Removable extensions.

The removable extensions are very easy to use once you have taken them to a hair stylist. They will show you how to attach them and most importantly put them in, hide them and style them so they are not too blunt and fake looking. They will work them into your natural style that adds the length and thickness you are looking for.

The Pros on removable extensions.
~ Easily removable
~ Quick look change from day to night or just day to day.
~ WAY LESS EXPENSIVE! These can run you about $60 plus whatever the stylist charges for cut and style.
~ Less maintenance in taking care of the extensions.
~ You can dye your hair whenever you want.

~ It adds about an extra 10-15 minutes to your hair routine.
~ Difficult to wash.
~ Hair styling is limited. You need to make sure they do not show.
~  They can fall out at the wrong time if not secured correctly.
~ Color matching is a little harder if you have a color weave.
~ Difficult to style while in since slipping can occur.


Whether you choose to get the ones that attach with metal clips, or the glue bonds, they are in there for 3-6 months depending on how much care you put into them! The metal clips are a little more damaging to your natural hair. The glue in ones, which was my choice, are less damaging to your hair and can be glued back in if they happen to *opps, slip out! Yes, no matter what kind you get over time some will come out. I only had about 3 come out. Since I did not try the metal clip kind I do not know if they are able to be put back in, but the glue bonded ones if they come out are easy to put back in with a hot iron. When you first get them they might be uncomfortable at first, but the tightness will go away in a couple days and you get used to the extra weight.

The PROS on Semi-permanent extensions
~ No time to put them in everyday, they are there when you wake up.
~ Look completely natural.
~ Easy to style, just be careful.
~ You have the ability to intertwine several different shades to match your natural hair.
~ Once they are in, they are in, no need to mess with them every time you want long thick hair.
~ More hair style options.
~ You can style it,wash it, and cut it easily.

~ A lot more maintenance.
~ When styling you must be careful not to get hot styling appliances close to the bonding point.
~ Brushing your hair gets a bit harder at the bond point as your hair grows.
~ You must wait till you get them taken out to re-dye your hair!
~ It's recommended to braid your hair or put it in a loose pony tail while sleeping.
~ COST! For the Hair Dreams brand I had, it cost about $1800

Naturally long hair

Now that I have had the experience of removable, and semi-permanent hair extensions I have opted for real hair. My hair is not as long as it was while having the extensions, but I am about 3 inches shy of that length! It may have taken a couple years to get my hair this length but it has been worth it. I still go through the want for extension to thicken my hair but enjoy the ability to do ANYTHING with my hair, how I want and when I want. But no matter how much I miss my short hair I love the style rang I have with long hair.

The PROS on real long hair
~ It all mine.
~ I can dye, cut, style, brush, anytime and how every I want.
~ Easy to manage.
~ Low maintenance.

~ There is a lot of it. haha

Final thoughts on to extend or to not extend. I Loved my Glue bonded extensions! I would do it again in a heart beat if I had the money. They made my hair long, thick and looked natural. Removable hair extensions are fun to change up a look every now and then but I don't care to mess with them unless it is a crazy color. I enjoy my natural long hair. It is easy, carefree, and all mine. So out of the three you can choose for yourself and I hope my pros and cons have answered some of your questions on hair extensions. I know I have missed some things so please ask questions if you have any more.

With lot of long hair and love
Your American Cutie Beauty