Monday, December 20, 2010


Kandee Johnson's LAST Glaminar!!!!

Kandee is such an enthusiastic person that just injects energy into you like collagen! Instant good mood. She gave lots of information on attitude, direction, and makeup. She gave away soooo many gifts it's a wonder everyone didn't win one! There were a couple special things that happened during the Glaminar which included a great Singer named Carmen Reece and a special wedding proposal to a girl attending the Glaminar by her boyfriend.

Since my Camera died and then my phone promptly after. A nice girl emailed me her photos so that I may share them with everyone. Thank you Sarah. Here are pictures taken by Sarah and I (well mine before the camera died.) All photo effects were done by me.

Me chilling outside the event before it started.
Beautiful and wonderful singer Carmen Reece.
Yay! Me and Kandee photos. She is so warm and personal even with the few seconds I had with her.

Soon to be Glen and Samantha Goodlander.

She Said yes!
Swag Bag!! Goodies. Urban Decay was super awesome and gave everyone the new Vegan Pallet.

Colors from Left to Right:
Minx, Urb, Gunmetal, Twice Baked, Smog, Half Baked
This pallet also came with a travel size UDPP in sin, and a 3/4 full size Zero 24/7 pencil.

Thanks for reading. It was a wonderful and informative Glaminar. I hope she has the opportunity to do them after the baby's in kindergarten.

Jamie Fox ~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's the Order of Things

Hey y'all! Recently a friend asked me a question in regards to the order in which she should put on her moisturizer, foundation, face primer and so on.

I have to admit, this baffled me for quite a while. I also had no clue why I had to slather SO MANY products on my face before I even started in on the makeup. I mean makeup is heavy enough on the face alone and even the lightest of makeup is heavy for people who aren't use to wearing makeup. It took me a while of adding one product at a time to build up and research to be able to have all this stuff on my face and not be reminded every second of the day I have like five ba-g'illion layers of stuff on my face. ha ha

Some people do it differently, some may say it doesn't matter what goes on first, and some even say none of it is needed. I disagree with the last two because it does matter what product goes on first and moisturizer is ALWAYS a must. Even if you have oily skin, there are ways to be able to have moisturizer on and control oil. Moisturizer is the most important product every girl should carry on them especially in the winter time. Moisturizer helps give your skin a healthy glow, some come with SPF to protect you from damaging UV rays from the sun, and can also prevent pre-mature aging, and fine lines. " But it gives me acne..." Some moisturizers can, but with a regular routine of washing your face every morning and night and a the right product developed specifically for acne and oil prevention like Dermalogia's, mediBac clearing line, Oil Control lotion for $37.00 net wt. 2 fl oz. or for those who don't have that kind of money to spend, Neutrogena is a great alternative with it's Oil-Free Anti-Acne Moisturizer for $7.99 net wt. 1.7 fl oz. Granted these don't always work for everyone. You have to do a little research and testing on your own. Most drug stores will return a makeup or skincare product if you are not satisfied with it. The more expensive brands have samples packets you can take home and try for a couple of days. Just go into any store that caries the brand you are interested in and ask a sales associate for a sample of that product. Okay enough rambling about the importance of facial moisturizers and on to the order of things!

Morning routine

Daily exfoliater
15% Vitamin C Serum
Eye cream/ Moisturizer
Tinted face moisturizer
Foundation Moisture Tint

I start out withNeutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser , then recite my ABC once rinse off and move onto Dermalogica's daily microfoliant which is a powder. I recite my ABC's once again and rinse. I pat dry and spritz Dermalogica's MultiActive Toner on my face and let it dry. I use next the 15% Vitamin C Serum by glo-theraputicals. Once all of that stuff is dry I apply my Age Defyer Eye by Cures by Avance. My face moisturizer by Dermalogica, Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 in light, is next. Let it set for a few seconds, then on to my Primed & Poreless Face Primer by Too Faced. Make sure not too get the primer on your eye lids as this will cause slippage. Next is foundation, and in this case I don't use foundation daily, I use MAC's Moisture Tint spf15 in Light as my foundation. This is the only time I recommend your tinted moisturizer go on after your face primer. Make sure you get the foundation on your eye lids as well. This will help your eye shadow stay longer. Concealer, powder then makeup are next, in that order.

A side note about your eyes and the order of products. Moisturizer, Foundation, concealer, powder, Eye primer (not the same as your face primer,) and then your eye shadows.

It really looks like TOO much, right? It doesn't take very long in the morning 10min tops to do everything up to my tinted moisture acting in disguise as a foundation. Ha ha .

Nightly routine

Eye makeup remover
Makeup remover
Exfoliating cleanser
Cream cleanser
Spot lighting gel
Eye cream/ Moisturizer
Face moisturizer
Spot lighting gel (JIC)

At night you want to make sure your face is clean and fresh so some of these products are not needed. I start out with my Neutrogena's Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes for my face then use Dermalogica's soothing eye make-up remover. It is important to use an eye makeup remover. They are gentler on the sensitive skin around your eyes. To wash my face I start with Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash as an exfoliater, recite my ABC's once the rinse. Next I use a sort of cream cleanser, Dermalogica's dermal clay cleanser and recite my ABC's then rinse. I pat dry my face and use Murad's Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, let that dry then dab small amounts of Murad's post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel on the spots and scars I would like to lighten. After it is dry I put on my Age Defyer Eye by Cures by Avance and Dermalogica's Active Moist, face moisturizer. Lastly I put on a little more post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel just in case it migrated during the lotion application.

Now not all of this is needed to keep your face looking healthy. Cleansing, eye makeup remover and cream, and face lotion are the key essentials to keeping your face looking fresh and young looking for the better part of your life.

There is quite a bit of information to soak up in this blog, and I thought that even a person who rarely wears makeup should know how to take care of the skin on their face and how to get nicer, fresher looking skin when applying makeup. I am not a representative of the products I have provided links back to the Manufacturer's site. I do not receive any free products from them (unless I get a sample at a beauty store) and I do not get paid for linking to their site. Most of the products I have referenced I paid full price for, unless it is an item provided through the BeautyFix program. My collection has been growing slowly over the past 3-1/2 years. Do your research and go for the essentials first.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you enjoyed it please subscribe to my blog, it only takes a minute or two and you don't get any junk emails from, just the first one to confirm your account. I would really appreciate it. Also don't be shy to comment, ask questions, or suggest products you would like to see reviewed.

A special thanks to Heather for our question of the month.

Clear skin and flawless makeup,
Jamie Fox~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update to Pt.1, Lip Candy Glaze

~ Super sad ~

This is an update to a review I did on Color Science's Lip Candy Glaze. You can find that blog here.

I originally gave this product an 86% because I really like the product inside the package. The packaging was only a small problem during my reviewing time. I have since found a more serious problem in the functionality of the packaging problem that almost renders it unsuitable for traveling with unless I put it in a plastic bag.

The problem I mentioned with the packaging was that the top doesn't screw on correctly to it's bottom counter part causing the aesthetics of the square package to be unattainable. I thought a quarter twist back into it's rightful square sleek design wouldn't cause a problem since it had a click when in that position. I found out while rummaging through my beauty travel case for my everyday day items, looking for a liner I found that the Lip Candy Glaze had been leaking ever so slightly. Not enough to make a super mess in my plastic lined pouch but enough to make me sad to have to clean it out and take the glaze out of my travel bag. Tightening the cap on tightly will most likely take care of this leakage problem but now you have, if you can imagine, a rubix cube stuck in in mid-motion.
With this finding I have to lower it's score by 3 in the packaging and value department and thus lower it's total score. I still love the product inside, and hope that I got the one with faulty packaging.

Packaging:2/6, Value:6/9, Formulae:21/24
Overall: 80% is quarterly beauty program in which you pay $50 to sample 8 beauty products from makeup & hair to nails & skincare. The awesome part about this program is that for the $50 I paid I got $400 worth of products. Too good to be true, right?! It is a GREAT deal. Some of the products are from well-known brands and some of them from brands I have never heard of. That is the other side of this deal. Most of the items I have never heard of are sold exclusively by the websites is associated with. But just the other day I went into my new beauty store next to my house and one of the items in my kit was there. The lady's jaw dropped when I told her how much I got it for!

Other than the website specific brands, I am going to say I am please so far with the program after receiving my first order. I will have a better outlook on the program after my second shipment.

Thanks for logging on =~)

If you decide to join with me, mention my name and or email and you'll be helping me to get my next kit free! To sweeten the deal they have a first order discount . Enter code BFIX5 at checkout and get your first order for $19.99!!! Shipping is always free!

One disappointed me,
Jamie Fox

Friday, November 26, 2010

MAC ~ Dollymix Blush

MAC Blush ~ Dollymix
$18.50 net wt. 0.21 oz

Dollymix finish is a sheertone shimmer. MAC calls the color a pure candy pink. I would agree. Dollymix is a sheer buildable blue based pink. The packaging is MAC's standard black case with a clear top. I find the clear top helpful when trying to find a color and not having to open up every case is a sure plus! Dolly mix has a slight shimmer to it that makes it reflect light just enough to make you skin look like it is glowing. You can build it up to have super pink cheeks like you just came in from the wind and snow. Brrr... Dollymix will work for both light and dark, warm and cool skin tones.

I went to MAC looking for a pink, PINK blush and at the time all I had were bronzers and three blushes from ELF. After using MAC's blush I realized the value of a good blush. No fallout from the powder, rich color in less strokes, quality of packaging and quality of how dense the product is when packed. I now have a need to find that same great quality in a drugstore brand, because my husband is going to be upset if I keep paying these prices! Guys just don't understand the purpose in paying a little more for a better product unless your talking craftsman...

Packaging:5/6, Value:7/9, Formulae:22/24
Overall: 84%

I hear every other week that someone new is reading my blog or is reposting my blog links and I thank you so much. I feel encouraged when I hear that . Keep reading and subscribe to make me blush.

Jamie ~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morcocan Oil

Moroccan Oil

$14.00 net wt 0.85 fl. oz.

In this corner weighing in at weightless shine is Moroccan Oil! ha ha. Moroccan Oil Treatment is a light weight formula that is absorbed into the hair and is said is instant and leaves no residue. It claims to have the ability to restore over-processed and damaged hair and dry, wet hair faster.

I am in love with this product! It restored my hair's shine, helped control my frizz from bleaching it and helps to detaingle my hair when applied to slightly damp hair. I put it to the test with my blow dryer and it took my dry time from 21 mins to 12 mins. Moroccan oil smells like Cocoa butter too Yum! Only a nickel sized amount was needed to cover my hair, which stops 3" below the bottom of my shoulder blade. I worked the Oil through my hair by rubbing my hands together then applied to my hair starting half way down combing my hands through my hair down to the tips then up to the roots. I suggest a full bristle brush for a couple strokes afterwards so you can help spread the oil evenly through your hair.

This oil isn't just for people with thick hair. Many women with thin hair (like me) tend to stay away from oil hair products since they can weigh the hair down and look very greasy and dirty, but this product is usable for women with fine hair. Very little product goes a long way so there isn't much oil in your hair to weight it down. For people that think this is too heavy for their hair Moroccanoil has come out with a lighter formula as well, but this one suits me fine.

I find my hair is easier to manage using Moroccan Oil after I get out of the shower. My hair isn't as elastic and sticky when blow drying which helps to minimize breakage. My hair is smoother after straightening with an iron as opposed to straightening without the oil and having flyaways. The best part about this oil is with everything it does, it does it all without leaving a residue or weighing my hair down. Even after three days of using hot tools and no washing. (But I wouldn't go past three days without washing) The down side of the oil is if you are prone to breakouts try and keep your hair out of your face, it can be a little rough on delicate skin by clogging pores.

Along with all of these wonderful thing it does, it also says you can use it before dying/ bleaching your hair to minimize damage. I haven't tried it yet but I do plan to the next time I bleach my hair. It also works well to moisturize my legs without stickiness. I just wipe my hands off on my legs when I'm done applying to my hair.

Thanks for logging on and oiling your mind =~)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Super cute and worth the hurt

Have you ever made a bad shoe choice?

Yesterday I knew I was in for a moderate amount of walking here and there around a high school campus, some possible wet grass, expected closest parking lot to be full. Since I had done the expected amount of walking in these shoes before, to break them in for the first time, I didn't think anything of it, piece of cake. OMG... lets just say the walk back to my car in my socks stepping on random twigs, fallen pokey balls from the trees, and tiny rocks, was much LESS painful than if I had kept the shoes on!

Ruff estimate of walking distance in these puppies for yesterday is 1.6 miles. Even though I woke up several times last night because of aching feet, ankles, and shins, all the compliments and "Where did you get your shoes?" comments and questions made it worth it.

The shoes are SUPER cute. I feel like I need an Airman's jacket to go along with them. My only issue with the shoes themselves are the zippers on the sides. They do not stay zipped so I was constantly picking up my feet to check the zipper and zip them back up. I love the shoes so I need to find a solution to this problem.

Any idea's?

If you like them and must have them I purchased them at Mod Cloth
All Vintage all the time!

lots of foot soaks and rubs,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sephora ~ Travel in style

Beauty Insiders only. Join now spend $25 and get this free gift.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Too Faced ~ Primed & Poreless

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer
$30.00 net wt. 1 oz.

Primed and Poreless is sold as a stand alone face primer to be wore on it's own if you so choose. Now if you have flawless skin then this might be a good face brightener and primer before your bronzers and blushes. If your like me with stress acne and scars from picking those pesky little bumps you just could not leave alone, this product claims to have vitamins A & C, Mulberry extract, and Retinol. All of which have great properties to help along the promotion of cleaner, healthier looking skin.

Quick run down on the touted extras in this formulae. Vitamin A has retinoids that help treat acne, while vitamin C has antioxidant properties and helps collagen production. Mulberry extract helps lighten skin and if it could target just the dark spots on my face this would be my number one beauty product, but I don't think it discriminates. Ha ha. Retinol helps to minimize pores, hydrate, firm, and detoxify the skin.

Now that the school lesson is over, the review. (I had no clue and had to look them up too.) For the most part it actually does what it says. I am just about to finish my first bottle which I bought around the end of August, but I believe that after prolonged use, this products claims would become obviously noticeable. It has a pinky-beige color which doesn't do much for added color coverage. My pores seem minimized while I am wearing it which is a plus! It doesn't dry out the face and helps cover dry skin spots, while filling in super fine lines and adding a silky matte finish to your skin. It doesn't feel to heavy or sticky. It is however very slippery so a little bit goes a long way and having too much on your face will take you from a Mona Lisa to a Dora Maar by Picasso in a couple hours. With the right amount on your face your makeup will last about 8-10 hours.

TFP&P comes in a cute pink squeeze bottle tube with an appropriately sized hole for dispensing small amounts of product. I foresee a nozzle amount (small) of product loss with this one since the packaging is pretty malleable. They skimped on the silver and black writing, it is a good thing I know what it is because the bottle is almost a solid pink with no writing on it!

I do like Too Faced Primed & Poreless face primer. No, WOW, factor but a definate curiosity on the continued use of it and whether the added vitamines and other extracts in the formulae are beneficial in the long run. I however am going to continue my search for the perfect primer.

Packaging:4/6, Value:7/9, Formulae:21/24
Overall: 78%

Do you have a face primer you love? Let me know.

Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading.
~Jamie Fox~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Samples, Samples, and more Samples!

If your like me then you will love this offer. Ulta is giving out sample bags with a minimum purchase of $25 online only here at Ulta . Sample items include and yes they are samples sizes but are not like the ones in magazines... scratch and sniffs. All of these bags are limited to supplies so hurry up.

Some of the items in The Orange Crush Beauty bag is Murad Transforming Skincare three step 10 day supply includes three different creams to help anit-aging. Essence Crystal eyeliner in a chocolate brown with a slight sparkle. Urban decay perfume sample ( I think) Giorgio Armani sample scent in a glass bottle, and many more cool samples.

The Pretty in Pink Beauty Bag... Yes you have your choice of three different bags. all come in resealable travel size bags which all have different designs. This bag has an Urban Decay primer potion sample and two eye shadow samples from UD as well. Medi Matte oil control lotions pretty decent size sample, Essence eye shadow full size in a plum with copper undertones in it. Murad renewing eyecream, Versace fragrance sample, and a couple other cool items.

The Dance Spin and Swirl bag includes a good size sample of Neutrogena oil-free acne wash, Jonathan hydrate shampoo, Murad age reform treat and repair. and some other awesome skin care products from well known skincare brands.

Also enjoy this coupon on your order.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Jamie <3's>

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mark ~ Avon's trendy line

For quite a while now Avon has had a line tailored towards the younger crowd. I must admit that 10 years ago I loved everything I bought from Avon. From their bags, jewelry, makeup and clothes. They were the best thing next to sliced bread. I recently purchased about $30 worth of Mark makeup products not to review but some of the proceeds were to go towards a good charity. After trying out the products I must say something about them.Product packaging is cute. Product price is pretty reasonable. Product quality was poor.

Let me start with their,
Good Riddens concealer pencils.

Packaging is pretty cleaver with the connectible tops enabling you to connect to another one of their hook up items. The cream is thick and easily applied but is on the oily side and smudges easily.

Next is the Get Bright Highlighter

Looks pretty in the bottle does nothing to brighten the under eye. The formulae is thin and disappears after blending into the skin.

Sparkle duster

This is a fat brush that dispenses a subtle amount of shimmery powder to any where you apply it. Unfortunatly it dispenses so little it is barely visable. The brush is kind of scratchy too. The packaging is super cool with it's lift up tube so that putting the cap on is easily done without having to fight the brush.

I saved the worst for last.
Please Hold Eye Primer

The picture says it all. Within two minutes after application the primer creased. It didn't even give me time to put eyeshadow on! The formulae is slippery and oily. I wouldn't even wish this on an enemy.

I was really hopeful for the Mark products since Avon has such a good reputation for putting out quality products. Maybe in another 10 years I will try Mark again but untill then I will stick to my other coveted cosmetic lines.

Hope this helps you when deciding should I or should I not...
Jamie Fox