Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Devil Halloween Look

My roomie Joe helped me out on this one. Thank you so much!

Monday, October 11, 2010 Pt.1, Lip Candy Glaze

Lip Candy Glaze - Butter Toffee by Colorescience
$25.00 net wt. .2 oz.

I really enjoy reviewing this item over and over again! The packaging is cute but average. The one I got has a flaw with it. When twisting the cap completely on, its square top doesn't match up with it's square bottom. The cap twists closed about half way between meeting its square counter part. This is easily fixed by dialing it back half a square. It clicks when it hits that square, so it seems fitting but not too secure for me. For me that is really my only complaint about the product. Well, it is a bit pricey for what it is, a lip glaze.

The color is very unique. A super shimmery rose based copper with a gold pearl. It is slippery on application but mellows out to an almost not there feel. The smell is amazing, chocolate peppermint patty, and it doesn't have really any taste to it other than the menthol-ey taste. Ooh which when you put it on the menthol really kicks in and makes your lips feel energized and might even help plump them a bit. The length of wear is pretty good, about 3-4 hours depending on how much you eat, drink or (smoke.) The color is pretty opaque and the formula is thin.

I really like this product and would recommend it if you really like pigmented glazes. It's just that price thing that gets in the way for me.

Colors: Suga' Baby(shimmery cooler golden taupe), Buttered Toffee (pictured above)

Packaging:4/6, Value:7/9, Formulae:21/24
Overall: 86%

Update posted for this product. is quarterly beauty program in which you pay $50 to sample 8 beauty products from makeup & hair to nails & skincare. The awesome part about this program is that for the $50 I paid I got $400 worth of products. Too good to be true, right?! It is a GREAT deal. Some of the products are from well-known brands and some of them from brands I have never heard of. That is the other side of this deal. Most of the items I have never heard of are sold exclusively by the websites is associated with. But just the other day I went into my new beauty store next to my house and one of the items in my kit was there. The lady's jaw dropped when I told her how much I got it for!

Other than the website specific brands, I am going to say I am please so far with the program after receiving my first order. I will have a better outlook on the program after my second shipment.

Thanks for logging on =~)

If you decide to join with me, mention my name and or email and you'll be helping me to get my next kit free! To sweeten the deal they have a first order discount . Enter code BFIX5 at checkout and get your first order for $19.99!!! Shipping is always free!
Jamie Fox

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Makeup!

My first two Halloween looks are up on my other blog. Check them out.
Let me know what you think by commenting on the post.

Thanks =)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MAC Disney Venimous Villains

Evil Disney why are you so cute! A small haul from the MAC store. More limited edition, sold out items for me!
Lip Stick Violetta with Hot House lip gloss on top.