Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fairydrops - Scandal Queen Mascara

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara
$24.oo us Available only at Sephora

Fairydrops Scandal Queen is available exclusively at Sephora in the United States and comes in black only. (But is available in different formulaes and colors in Japan)  It was originally created by a Japanese TV personality Aya Yasuda. It is a volumizing, water and sweat-resistant mascara with a unique patented in Japan applicator wand. The formula is infused with fibers to help lengthen and thicken that looks kind of like all of your little eyelashes are falling off and accumulating in the mascara tube. Not the case! ha ha,  The applicator is the most unique part about this product. The wand looks like like three fuzzy black pearls strung together and then curved in to hug your lashes. The brush is densely packed with bristles so coverage is super easy to get and with the unique shape of the drops, the round tip makes it easy to apply to your lower lashes. The outside packaging is super cute! Very Vegas style, bright, flashy, and fun! The tube and wand are very sturdy too.

I was a little skeptical about the formula and the density of the bristles. I haven't had much luck with denser wands but the spacing and shape of the wand really helps out. It is a little clumpy on the wand at first when removing it from the tube, just stick it back into the tube and remove the wand while rubbing the application side of the wand against the lip of the tube. Once you have a clean side to apply with, it goes on great! Every now and then because of the fibers in the formula you'll get clumps on your lashes. The formula takes a little longer than a couple swipes to dry so you have time to use an eyelash comb and remove any clumps (if any) carefully without removing the length the fibers have given.
(I like using Sephora's eyelash/ brow comb)

Fairydrops holds curl very well! It has about an 7 hour hold and for me that is HUGE! My lashes have NO natural curl... ha ha. If you find them starting to fall at anytime just a little touch-up with the old eyelash curler and they are brought back to life! The formula dries fully and non-tacky so whipping out the curler at any time works well and without the need of the eyelash comb after, for separation. It can get a little flaky after this but not every time. In terms of water and sweat resistant, I feel it does okay in that area, it doesn't smudge and is fairly easy to get off with makeup wipes or any facial cleanser, but I wouldn't say it is the best choice for summer time at the beach...ha ha if you wear mascara to the beach that is!

This mascara is a bit pricey but I really think it is a great product. It helps my short uncurled lashes come to life! It lengthens, curls and brightens the windows to my soul!

First Two pictures are without mascara or curling.
 Warning...please ignore the brows and lack of makeup in some pictures... ha ha 

The last four pictures have two light coats of Fairydrops and have been curled.

A special thanks to Noel for suggesting this product. If you have a product you would like me to review let me know.

Have bright eyed beautiful day!
Your American Cutie Beauty ~ Jamie

Monday, April 18, 2011 Winter Shipment

Winter BeautyFix, kind of disappointing. The selection presented to me left me wanting more. More than half the selections were available to me from the Fall collection and the new items were either samples sized or something I really don't care to try. My spring collection has arrived and I am a bit more excited to try the items I got this time. I was a little more pleased with the selection this time, but still did not get the chance to sample any of the makeup brushes they advertise as being items to review. They always seem to sell out before I put my order in, or just aren't apart of what they recommend for me. I do put in different beauty profiles to see what items are available to other skin and hair types so I don't miss out on any of the items, but I still am left wanting with

Here is a list of items I received but did not have a chance to write a full review on.

Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer
~ This is defiantly made for people with really dry skin. This was not a product for me. I have combo skin, but in winter I have dry skin, but this product just made me break out the very next day.

Juice Beauty Sensitive Green Apple Peel
~ I still haven't had a chance to try this out.

Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme SPF 8
~ This stuff is awesome! Smells clean, and did a great job at moisturizing my hands. I also tried it on my husbands dry cracked feet and he really enjoyed it... shh don't tell him I told you. =) This stuff feels a little heavy on the hands and every where else you put it so it is more of a night time lotion. It doesn't feel watery at all and is thick and creamy. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good moisturizing lotion, for hours of wear.

Four Truffles Body Smoother
~ This stuff smelt great. It has a noticeable smell of lavender that didn't stay too long after getting out of the shower. It worked pretty well to smooth out my skin. I felt like silk when I got out of the shower and the day after too. The only down side to this, was in order to use it all over I had to use half the bottle they sent me. It is a good product but feel the price wouldn't be worth it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
~ Haven't had a chance to try.

3Lab Cleansing Foam
~ Haven't had a chance to try.

Sweet Spot citrus galbanum
~ These are moistened towelettes for a woman's "sweet Spot" to freshen up at any time. They are handy for sure, they freshen you up with a slight scent of which ever scent you choose.  However a baby wipe will do the same thing. These are just a little more sophisticated. ;-)

I do have my new shipment in for spring and I hope to get you all real reviews on those items, Soon! is seasonal quarterly beauty program in which you pay $50 to sample 8 beauty products from makeup & hair to nails & skincare. The awesome part about this program is that for the $50 I paid for my first shipment I got $400 worth of products. My second shipment was a bit more realistic in regards to how much I paid to the value of products I received. For the $50 I paid for the second shipments I got $134 worth in products. Some of the products are from well-known brands and some of them from brands I have never heard of. Since I started this program in the Fall, some of the brands I had never heard of are now on my favorite beauty store's shelves.

Thanks for reading

Your American Cutie
Jamie Fox