Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To The Beach Cream Bronzer Beach Bronze

To the Beach Cream Bronzer
Beach Bronze
Cute packaging if your into the beach theme, which I am! The packaging has a green outer shell with a clear window in the front with a clam shell sketch on it. One of the neat thing that made my decision to purchase it is the finish. It is a cream that turns into a silky powder finish. The pigmentation on this however, sucks! It is tan in color with gold fleck all throughout the the bronzer. For me the flecks of gold really saved this product for me. It gives your cheeks a healthy lightly tanned glow. It would probably work well for night time summer parties to give you that, just spent a couple hours at the beach today, look!
Overall I like the product but because of it's lack of pigment you have to use a lot of it to achieve a well tanned golden look.
.21oz @ $25
I think if I had a chance to try it out I would have passed on this
2 out of 5 stars
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MAC Marine Life Blush

MAC's Marine Life Blush for it's Tot the Beach Collection
Cute green outer packaging with a clear window. This showed it's pretty seahorse design with a slightly dusted gold over lay to emphasize the picture. Ubber pigmented! I mean UBBER PIGMENTED! Ha ha. Use the bright coral color very sparingly. It is a little hard since it makes up the majority of the blush. The bright coral color has a gold sparkle throughout the color so don't work when after the first use the gold overlay goes bye bye. The Pink color is very pigmented as well with a silver sparkle all the way through it, helping to tone down the brightness of the coral.
First Blush I purchased from MAC and I am LOVING it! Unfortunately for everyone that didn't get it the first day it came out, won't get it. This item sold out about three hours after it launched. I pre-ordered luckily!
.35oz @ $26

4-1/2 out of 5 stars
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MAC Firecracker & Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow

MAC Sweet and Punchy (left) Firecracker (right)
Cute green outer shell with a clear window with a seashell on the front. Both have a silky texture and are extremely pigmented. Sweet & Punchy is a slightly shimmery, bright green with a yellow base. This item is sold out however. =( and Firecracker is is a frosty orangish melon color.
Here is both colors in action. To The Beach Inspired

Love this collection.

Sweet & Punchy
 5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural

Light Medium

Classy packaging as normal for MAC. Black packaging with a clear window in the front. The powder is a baked to help with it's matte finish. It is packed in the shape of a dome. Perfect fix to the normal face powder that gets worn away right in the middle, you know! The dome shape will help to even out the powder usage from the entire compact. No lengthy shiny metal warning that your favorite face powder is about to run out in like 3 months... ha ha

The powder coverage is very fine and thin. blends well with their Tinted Moisturizer and doesn't leave your face feeling heavy. It is a great replacement if you are looking to replace your Prescriptives powder. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year the company that makes Prescriptives announced it was discontinuing that brand line. So Sad, but in my research I found out that Prescriptives is owned by the same company the owns many popular makeup brands including MAC.
Since the powder is baked, this may be the reason for the minimal loose powder flying around during and after usage. It holds together well and hardly makes any mess.

Overall the powder is not heavy, gives the coverage you need if you are looking for minimal coverage, and adheres to the skin well, by filling in fine lines without looking packed on.

.35oz @ $26
4-1/2 out of 5 stars
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glaminar and IMATs

Oh how do I wish I could go to this! It seams like so much fun with loads of information, with stash bags to boot! The stash bag alone is probably worth the cost of the seminar. For the Bombshell Beauty class it is $275. Now I know what you are thinking... WOW that is a bunch of money for makeup seminar. You get so much information from Kandee in one seminar you can come out of the seminar feeling confidant enough to start your own makeup classes!

Next time she is in town with one of these I am sure to go, just need to save up for it!

Also IMATs are this coming to LA. IMATs stands for International Makeup Artist Trade show. Click Here For more info You get to see all the new idea's coming from top makeup companies and most give great discounts at the show. I hope to go to this the next year it comes through town as it kind of sneaked up on me this year.

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MAC Moisture Tint

MAC Moisture tint with SPF 15 in Light is a great color for lighter skin completions. It is the lightest weight cover consistency MAC has. When I ventured into the MAC store I told the artist I needed a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. The moisturizer came first and it was acceptable, light weight and covered well. Next came the lightest weight foundation they have and well I just don't think MAC foundations are for me. Very heavy.
The moisturizer I purchased gives a great "Fake" foundation coverage but doesn't do much in the moisture department. I found that with just using it as my moisturizer before makeup it made my skin flakey and exaggerated my dry skin it caused my problem areas to look flakey. I decided to try it with my normal daily Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer then layer the tinted moisturizer on top and it complimented it!
My final though on this moisturizer is it worked great for evening out the sun spots and uneveness of my skin but it is lacking in the moisture department. Adding your normal moisturizer makes this ideal for women who want a light weight coverage similar to a foundation coverage. Apply your normal moisturizer then the MAC Moisture tint then concealer of your choice to cover trouble spots and you have a great weight less Dewey coverage. Add a little ELF Completion Perfection and MAC mineralized skin finish powder to set it and you have a flawless face that isn't too powdery or sticky.

MAC Moister Tint SPF 15: 3 stars

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MAC 239 Brush

A converted brush discount shopper.

I have to admit for the longest time I knew that the brush made the precision and application of the makeup the best but I only knew it and hadn't experienced it. I have bought so many brushes from the drug store, which not all of them are bad mind you. I started out with buying two Sephora brushes and it well.... it took me a little bit to learn how to use them properly but I learned that they are awesome! So I thought if sephora could make a good brush then maybe MAC might have something with their over priced brushes. So I started out with one of the most important brushes I thought I needed which was the 239.

I don't know how I applied makeup without it ... Oh wait that's right I was able to apply it just not as vibrant and acurate as I am now! I now have the tough decision to make of purchasing the new random eye shadow I want from MAC or buying a new brush. decisions decisions.

The 239 brush is a flat, slightly stiff, short brush with a rounded fluffyiesh tip. Great for applying shadow to the bottom part of the lid and under the bottom water line. I am starting my collection of MAC brushes and I would definatly recomment this as one of your started brushes. I even want two of them... (Click the pic. for clearer version)
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Urban Decay FLOP

When I got the email from Urban Decay announcing the Alice in Wonderland shadow box's return I was so Jazzed! After reviewing the product page on their site my lust for the box faded away.
Urban Decay came back out with it's Alice in Wonderland Shadow box but they did it really shitastically! They brought it back as part of a set. Their creative editor hand picked these items to compliment the box. The items I hear aren't that great to begin with but the real kicker is the price. When you hear "package" you think " Cool special pricing". This one doesn't.All the products included in the package price out to be the exact asking price for the package. Because of how popular the Alice shadow box was UD is taking advantage of this and adding items which you HAVE to purchase in order to get the box, unless you want to buy it on Ebay and, whew... are those prices steep!
The Alice UD Shadow box package sells for the low, low price of
Originally $52
So I thought I would list the colors that are in the box with the actual names of the shadows. If you don't already know all the shadows are from their normal line. For the box they just made them smaller and put them in a ubber cute box... You can buy most of the colors in the box in larger sizes (1.5g) as opposed to the (.08g) and pay $221. $10 more for the full sizes and twice the product. The only two colors that differ is Painkiller, and Mushroom. Mushroom can be purchased in cream form and Painkiller is apart of the Show Pony, and Preen shadow boxes.

I give Urban Decay an "S" on this one, cause I am calling Shinanigans!
Underland (Flash)
Alice (Painkiller)
Oraculum (Baked)
Queen (Last Call)
Chessur (Chopper)
White Rabbit (Polyester Bride)
Wonderland (Maui Wowie)
Curiouser (Grifter)
Muchness (X)
Mushroom (Mushroom)
Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again)
Vorpal (S&M)
Absolem (Homegrown)
Drink Me Eat Me (Sin)
Mad Hatter (Twice Baked)
Jabberwocky (Oil Slick)

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To The Beach Inspired

Check out my other blog for creations inspired by MAC's To The Beach collection.

Foxy Rocks Makeup

MAC Haul To The Beach

I am so excited to do a review on my newly purchased MAC products. I do not own many MAC products but as I slowly purchase them I am finding out why a lot of people rave about MAC, why some people feel MAC is more of a professional studio line, and why some just don't like them. I haven't found a person that doesn't like MAC as a whole but just items in their line, cause lets face it no line can make everyone happy with every product.

So on to the haul pictures.

Picture includes MAC To The Beach Collection ( Partial) and a Pro Quad I purchased for the Lovely Alison on her B-day.
I hope I get this right. I Purchased the empty Quad and filled it with:
Vanilla, Romp, Hand Written, and Bronze.

My long awaited modest To The Beach Collection includes:
Marine Life (Sold out) LE, Seahorse blush: Bright coral, with a pinky golden sheen.

Cream Bronzer in Beach Bronze LE: Not much color payoff with this one but gives an ever so subtle Tanned glowing sparkle to your skin. The best thing about this is that it goes on as a cream and quickly turns into a powder. Way cool.

Thrills lipstick LE: It is a frosty copper tone with reddish undertones. Very warm color. Smell isn't bad either.

Sweet & Punchy(Sold out)LE: Bright Green with a more of a yellow base.
Firecracker LE: Frosty orangish melon color.

Come back for swatches and looks created with these items.