Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Acrylic Face and Body Paints

MAC Acrylic Face and Body Paint
$20.00 us 0.6 fl oz.

Colors: Process Magenta, Genuine Orange, Primary Yellow, Landscape Green, Hi-Def Cyan, Marine Ultra, Rich Purple, Black Black, Pure White.

Scary Acrylic Paint.... It's that what you put on model cars? I thought to myself. Do I need to use acetone to scrape this stuff off my skin?... Ha ha

These paints are AMAZING! I have never used Acrylic Paints, or even the cake makeup MAC puts out, and they do have quite a few different types of body paints, but these Acrylic Paints are everything I wanted and more. I have used Wet' n Wild face and body paint here and what I have concluded about Wet' n Wild's face and body paint is that it spreads easily with no mixing medium while using a sponge or brush. It's inexpensive and easy to get your hands on during Halloween time. The product was easy to get to an opaque finish but it was hard to get it to spread evenly without looking blotchy. The paint ultimately moves and doesn't set without a powder, and it gets all over the place... clothes, teeth, where you didn't want it... ha ha For a inexpensive Halloween look these will do just fine, but I am looking at the bigger picture.

MAC's products include the Chromacakes, Grease Sticks, Paint Pots, Air Brush Paints, and Acrylic Paints. (If there is more that I have missed I am sorry.) They all have their own unique properties. I do not own these so I am going off my sampling of the products and info the MAC consultant gave me in the Pro store, not based on actual work application.

I first tried out the Chromacake. Chromacake needs to be mixed with a mixing medium to get them to spread evenly and well frankly budge at all. They yield great pigmentation payoff with a little bit of product and you can sheer it out or make it opaque with more layers. The benefits I see with the Chromacakes is that you get a lot of product and are able to control the opaqueness. The down side is that they are very dry after setting. You do not have to set with powder to get them to stay but the more layers you apply the more chance of it cracking or flaking.

So let's move on to the Paint pots. Very versatile from all over color to eyeliner these are a solid creamy texture and are pigmented. I still would use a mixing medium to get this to spread evenly not to mention that there is very little in the pot comparatively to the Chromacakes. The Paint Pots are much better for doing intricate detailed work. They seem like they would flake after a couple hours of wear but would have a good life span before that happened. The Paint pots also should be set with a powder for longer wear and stay.

Next the Grease Sticks. The Grease Sticks are just that greasy... They spread very well and give great coverage without needing a mixing medium. Unfortunately they keep moving. Ha ha They move well with the way the skin naturally moves, and it moves onto the clothing, and spreads and's just a mess I could imagine after a couple hours of wear. Super creamy in texture and easy to use. I think these would be hard to set for long wear time and stay power.

Now the scary Acrylic Paints. These come in Jars and are in a liquid state instead of a solid like the others mentioned above. I found these to be easy to use, very spreadable, and move with the skin. That last one is the best part. This stuff will not crack, no need to set, and once dried it will not move, rub off, or disappear. When sampling I did notice that it had one level of coverage. Full coverage! I can see with some stippling with a sponge or light handed brush stroke this could have more dimensions than one, full coverage.

I feel that all options have their own niche to work within. I hope to play more with the Acrylics which really fascinated me and really spawned this review.

Happy painting!
American Cutie Beauty, Jamie

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Lace

It's almost Valentine's Day and many are inspired by the conversation hearts, chocolate, flowers, love. I have seen this technique done before and have this awesome pattern on a dress so I decided to make it happen.

This look is inspired by all the lacy lingerie that is tossed on the floor on Valentine's Day. I love this look. It took me a long time to create but well worth the outcome. It is a shame all I did was take it off after I took pictures.

Valentines Lace overall time 2-1/2 hours
Urban Decay ~ Primer Potion, original - All over lid
MAC ~ Chilled on Ice, Pinky beige w/ gold micro glitter - All over lid
MAC ~ Prized, Pale Peach - All over lid
MAC ~ Quite Spoiled, Mauve w/ pink pearl - Inner lid
Urban Decay ~ Last Call, Shimmery berry w/ pink pearl - Outer lid
MAC ~ Palace Pedigreed, Deep Berry w/ pink pearl - Crease
MAC ~ Russian Blue, Dark blue based Grey - Crease
L’Oreal ~ HIP Chrome Eyeliner, bright silver chrome - Inner water line
MAC ~ Pink Opal, White pigment with iridescent shimmery - Highlight/ inner under eye liner/ water line
Urban Decay ~ Zero, Black - Top water line / outer bottom water line
MAC ~ Smoky Heir Superslick Liquid Eyeliner, purple w/ a silvery blue pearl - Top eye liner
Benefit ~ Bad Gal Lash, Black - Mascara
Urban Decay ~ Smog, dirty shimmery brassy brown - Eye Brows
Anistasia ~ Clear Brow Gel, clear - eyebrows
Wet'n Wild ~ Rhinestone studded false eyelashes, black w/ rhinestones - eye lashes

Clinique ~ Smoldering plum, shimmery plum w/ pink pearl - checks
Urban Decay ~ Moonshine, iridescent opal - highlight on cheek bone and nose
MAC ~ Rose Olé, shimmery dusty rose - highlight on cheek bone and nose

Burt's Bees ~ Pomegranate lip Balm, opaque red - moisturizer
MAC ~ Nightmoth, Deep berry plum - lip liner and fill
MAC ~ Violetta, Bright magenta - full lips
MAC ~ Hothouse, Bright Magenta w/ pink and silver glitter - full lips
MAC ~ Pink Opal, White pigment with iridescent shimmery - center of lips

Dermalogica ~ Multi Vitamin Toner - face
Go-Theriputicals ~ 15% Vitamin C - face
Kate Somerville ~ Dermal Energizing treatment - face
Murad ~ Essential-C eye cream SPF 15 - Around eyes
Dermalogica ~ Sheer Tint Moisturizer, Light - face
Cover FX Skin Prep ~ Nourishing foundation primer & anti-aging serum - face
MAC ~ Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation, NC20 - face
Cover FX ~ Cream Foundation, C30 - blemishes
MAC ~ Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, Light Medium - face
Cover FX ~ Powder foundation, B25 - contouring
My Dress ~ Lace design from a dress - pattern
MAC ~ Russian Blue, Dark blue based Grey - lace pattern

I hope you liked this look.

Love and Lace, your American Cutie

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Super awesome tweezers by Tweezerman.
$20.00 us

These slant tweezers are amazing! A ‘Best of Beauty’ winner chosen by Allure editors for 9 years. Made from stainless steel and coated with colored enamel. They are clean, pointed, hand filed sharp edges (not sharp like cut you sharp, ha ha, they have square edges) Both arms match up perfectly and the ridges on the face of the tweezers match up in such a way so the hair is grabbed and held securely while plucking that little buggers out. They come with a clear plastic tip to keep over the tip of the tweezers while not in use so you don't bang the tip up like I do when I drop it. Cause I drop EVERYTHING. ha ha. Tweezers, milk, Limited Edition sold out Marine Life blush from MAC. It was a sad moment...

However you will not be sad about buying these tweezers. The company offers life time sharpening so they will be the last pair you ever buy.

Have a super plucky day!
~Your American Cutie Jamie~ Winter Pt.1, Nailtiques

Nailtiques Nail Protein
$17.50 us, 0.5 fl. oz.

Me and my infinite wisdom decided sewing was going to be my hobby for the day. I hadn't touched a sewing machine in YEARS! And it showed! Ha ha, not in the work I did, that came out perfect, it was my left index finger that showed my inexperience with a nice needle hole cleanly through my nail. OUCH! After it stopped bleeding I applied the Nailtiques formula #2 to it and forgot about it. At the point of entry there are some layers that are screaming at me to pick at them, so I put a coat of formula #2 and the layers disappear. The puncture wound is healing so well and the nail is still very healthy around the area and hasn't peeled yet.

Nailtiques have three different protein formulas for maintenance/protection, fix/prevent, and balance. Formula #2 treatment is for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. Some of the ingredients including hydrolyzed keratin, protein, and calcium. Formula #2 helped strengthen my nails and keep them from peeling. I apply it every night before I go to bed and the drying time is like nothing. It takes about 2 minutes for it to dry almost completely. It has also made my cuticles much healthier. I couldn't have gotten this at a better time. I do however after getting out of a shower have to remove the layers by peeling back the already peeling nail polish. This doesn't hurt or damage my nails but I have to star over with building up the layers on my nails. I did this one day in the morning time and didn't put on a new coat till I got home that night. During the day my nail beds started to hurt, like I had just put on acrylic nails and they hardened to tightly. So be careful when exposing your nails to air after having the protein on for a while.

I really like this product from it's claims to it's drying time. They all are pretty awesome. It can be used with nail polish as well, for those who love to wear nail polish.

Packaging:4/6, Value:8/9, Formula:19/21
Overall: 88% is seasonal quarterly beauty program in which you pay $50 to sample 8 beauty products from makeup & hair to nails & skincare. The awesome part about this program is that for the $50 I paid I got $400 worth of products for my first shipment. My second shipment was a bit more realistic in regards to how much I paid to the value of products I received. For the $50 I paid I got $133.31 in products. Some of the products are from well-known brands and some of them from brands I have never heard of. Since I started this program in the Fall, some of the brands I had never heard of are now on my favorite beauty store's shelves.

Even though the product choices from Fall to Winter did not change, there is enough choices to go through before I cancel if the choices never change, or I can continue to get the products I like at a discounted price every time I run out. Ha ha This time through I did notice that the really cool items like makeup brushes and makeup were sold out the first day of the new calendar season. I may need to be faster for spring. I am excited to see new products for Spring so here's hoping.

If you decide to join with me, mention my name and or email and you'll be helping me to get my next kit free! To sweeten the deal they have a first order discount . Enter code BFIX5 at checkout and get your first order for $19.99!!! Shipping is always free!

Your American Cutie
Jamie Fox

Urbanglow Cream Highlight

Urbanglow Cream Highlight in Moonshine
$24.00 .17 fl oz.

Colors: Brown Sugar ~ Warm taupey brown, Sin ~ Shimmering champagne, Wicked ~ radiant pinky shimmer, Moonshine ~ Iridescent shimmer.

Highlight, highlight, highlight... super pretty when done correctly. Right on top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, a touch on the cupids bow, and chin. Urban Decay's new cream highlighters are super easy to use from it's cute packaging to it's formulae.

The packaging is super cute and feels heavy. It's defiantly not cheap feeling. It doesn't come with an applicator but your better off with your finger or a make up sponge. They are creamy in consistency and are sheer in color. I bought Moonshine and it's an iridescent pearl color that matches better with lighter skin tones. It is very blend-able and works fabulously with MAC Pigment Pink Opal. It's not greasy nor does it dry out the skin. It doesn't have a scent that I can smell. The formulae isn't thin, hard or chunky. It has a thick creamy consistency which helps it to stay where you put it. It has great pigment and stays put all day. It does disappear a little bit over time but wear is pretty much all day.
I love Urbanglow Cream Highlight. The colors are universal for all skintones and types.

Packaging:5/6, Value:6/9, Formulae:20/24
Overall: 82%

Hope you have a highlighted day!
Your American Cutie Jamie

Model in A Bottle

Model in a Bottle
$22.25 us, 2. fl oz.

includes tax and shipping

No this isn't about some company shoving a model into a bottle; Although, one of those super skinny models would probably fit in one... Ha ha ha.

Model in a Bottle is apart of a new type of product that has been showing up on the market this past summer. It is a spray that keeps your makeup where you put it. No fading eyeshadow or blush, or makeup on your clothing.
Directions for using this product are simple. Apply your makeup and wait for your mascara to dry. Hold bottle about 10-12 inches away from your face and spray a couple times over your face with your eyes closed. Keep eyes closed for 20 seconds then viola! All day makeup. No fading or rubbing off. I have tried this product several times and my experience has been 14 hour fresh looking makeup. The spray feels like nothing is on your face after it dries. Super light weight and I feel makes the makeup on you face feel even more non existent. It didn't clog my pores and was as easy to remove as removing the makeup you need to take off later anyway! It does have a clean scent to it of alcohol and aloe vera that dissipates when it dries. They also make a sensitive formula for those with sensitive skin.

This product isn't available in stores yet. but can be purchased online here Model in a Bottle . If you are like me and like instant gratification Urban Decay has come out with several different types of stay put makeup sprays that can be found at any Sephora or Ulta store. This is not a paraben free product so if you don't like paraben's then this isn't for you.
If this was informative and useful for you comment below and let me know.
Have a super fab makeup day.

~Your American Cutie Jamie~

MAC Cham Pale Collection

This collection couldn't have come at a better time.

MAC Special Reserve Highlighting Powder
$28.00 net wt .35 oz

I have been looking for a powder highlighter to add to my collection and viola! MAC introduces Special Reserve Highlighting Powder in Chez Chez Lamé and Rose Olé.

Lamé is a type of fabric woven or knit with thin ribbons of metallic yarn.

Both colors remind me of Lamé fabric. From the manufacturing shape of it to the shiny, velvety, shimmery texture. Chez Chez Lamé is a super shimmery gold tone. Rose Olé is a super shimmery rose based darker gold. Both have a velvety texture and go on easily and evenly. I have found that Chez Chez Lamé is good for cooler toned skin and Rose Olé is good for warmer skin tones, but both work on all skin tones to highlight the high planes of the face.

Chez Chez Lamé/ Rose Olé

I LOVE both colors, but am partial to Rose Olé which isn't sold out yet. Go to to buy.

Chilled on Ice Paint Pot
$16.50 net wt .17 oz

Chilled on Ice is a pinky beige with gold micro glitter. It is super smooth and a little goes a long way. This is a great base for shimmery eye shadows and on it's own it is an eye brightener. It doesn't do well as an eye shadow on it's own if you have oily lids.

Hope you have a shimmery highlighted day


Kaiser Pharmacy Find

On one of my last trips to the Kaiser pharmacy to get an Rx refilled I did a little shopping in their "over-the-counter" area. (Can't even get out of the pharmacy for under a hundred! ha ha) I found an Acne Wash that has an active ingredient I hadn't paid too much attention too. So I thought I would pay a little more attention to it and purchased Kaiser Pharmacy Brand Acne Wash (Benzoyl Peroxide 10%) Even if you are not a Kaiser member you can purchase the over the counter items still. I forget how much it was but I do remember it not being over $7 for this 5. fl oz. bottle.

This is a creamy, thick gritty chalk like, white colored acne wash. It doesn't lather much and has a slight chemical scent that goes away when washed off. I used it morning and night for about two weeks and noticed my face was for the most part clear from hormonal acne but I still had a fair amount of stress acne. This didn't do anything to reduce the small stress acne bumps I get. It did dry out my face but not too much for my normal combo skin; although, it did dry out my eyes too much, so I avoid my eye area and the burning dryness around my eyes stopped. Ha ha I am prone to stress in which stress causes an over production of sebum, in turn causing stress acne. I am starting to see that I need treat stress acne and regular acne differently.

Using this alone wasn't enough so after two weeks I introduced the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Pink Grapefruit Foaming scrub and this added an exfoliating aspect to my daily routine. Using the Neutrogena first before the Kaiser acne wash clears dead skin and dirt allowing the active ingredient in the Kaiser acne wash to get into my pores. This combination makes my skin feel smooth and fresh for hours after I wash and I am happy with it so far.

I feel so Alien and jealous sometimes when friends tell me that all they use on their skin is a bar soap. No lotion, no concealer, and they have practically flawless skin! I am dumbfounded when they tell me that I create my bad skin or thin eyelashes by doing all this stuff weird stuff to them. Everyone isn't born with clear, soft, moisturized skin. Long, curly, full eyelashes. It takes work for some of us. It's not odd or unusual to need more than a bar of soap for everything on your body, so don't look at me like i'm weird. ha ha ha... I am here to help myself find out just what I need and maybe help someone else along the way. Don't give up and keep trying new things if the one your trying right now just isn't working.

Bottom line is that I am realizing that for my skin type and stress levels I need to be unrelenting, rigorous and consistent with my skin care routine, morning and night.

Hope you have a great skin day.