Monday, January 17, 2011

Model in A Bottle

Model in a Bottle
$22.25 us, 2. fl oz.

includes tax and shipping

No this isn't about some company shoving a model into a bottle; Although, one of those super skinny models would probably fit in one... Ha ha ha.

Model in a Bottle is apart of a new type of product that has been showing up on the market this past summer. It is a spray that keeps your makeup where you put it. No fading eyeshadow or blush, or makeup on your clothing.
Directions for using this product are simple. Apply your makeup and wait for your mascara to dry. Hold bottle about 10-12 inches away from your face and spray a couple times over your face with your eyes closed. Keep eyes closed for 20 seconds then viola! All day makeup. No fading or rubbing off. I have tried this product several times and my experience has been 14 hour fresh looking makeup. The spray feels like nothing is on your face after it dries. Super light weight and I feel makes the makeup on you face feel even more non existent. It didn't clog my pores and was as easy to remove as removing the makeup you need to take off later anyway! It does have a clean scent to it of alcohol and aloe vera that dissipates when it dries. They also make a sensitive formula for those with sensitive skin.

This product isn't available in stores yet. but can be purchased online here Model in a Bottle . If you are like me and like instant gratification Urban Decay has come out with several different types of stay put makeup sprays that can be found at any Sephora or Ulta store. This is not a paraben free product so if you don't like paraben's then this isn't for you.
If this was informative and useful for you comment below and let me know.
Have a super fab makeup day.

~Your American Cutie Jamie~

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