Monday, January 17, 2011

Kaiser Pharmacy Find

On one of my last trips to the Kaiser pharmacy to get an Rx refilled I did a little shopping in their "over-the-counter" area. (Can't even get out of the pharmacy for under a hundred! ha ha) I found an Acne Wash that has an active ingredient I hadn't paid too much attention too. So I thought I would pay a little more attention to it and purchased Kaiser Pharmacy Brand Acne Wash (Benzoyl Peroxide 10%) Even if you are not a Kaiser member you can purchase the over the counter items still. I forget how much it was but I do remember it not being over $7 for this 5. fl oz. bottle.

This is a creamy, thick gritty chalk like, white colored acne wash. It doesn't lather much and has a slight chemical scent that goes away when washed off. I used it morning and night for about two weeks and noticed my face was for the most part clear from hormonal acne but I still had a fair amount of stress acne. This didn't do anything to reduce the small stress acne bumps I get. It did dry out my face but not too much for my normal combo skin; although, it did dry out my eyes too much, so I avoid my eye area and the burning dryness around my eyes stopped. Ha ha I am prone to stress in which stress causes an over production of sebum, in turn causing stress acne. I am starting to see that I need treat stress acne and regular acne differently.

Using this alone wasn't enough so after two weeks I introduced the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Pink Grapefruit Foaming scrub and this added an exfoliating aspect to my daily routine. Using the Neutrogena first before the Kaiser acne wash clears dead skin and dirt allowing the active ingredient in the Kaiser acne wash to get into my pores. This combination makes my skin feel smooth and fresh for hours after I wash and I am happy with it so far.

I feel so Alien and jealous sometimes when friends tell me that all they use on their skin is a bar soap. No lotion, no concealer, and they have practically flawless skin! I am dumbfounded when they tell me that I create my bad skin or thin eyelashes by doing all this stuff weird stuff to them. Everyone isn't born with clear, soft, moisturized skin. Long, curly, full eyelashes. It takes work for some of us. It's not odd or unusual to need more than a bar of soap for everything on your body, so don't look at me like i'm weird. ha ha ha... I am here to help myself find out just what I need and maybe help someone else along the way. Don't give up and keep trying new things if the one your trying right now just isn't working.

Bottom line is that I am realizing that for my skin type and stress levels I need to be unrelenting, rigorous and consistent with my skin care routine, morning and night.

Hope you have a great skin day.

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