Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Acrylic Face and Body Paints

MAC Acrylic Face and Body Paint
$20.00 us 0.6 fl oz.

Colors: Process Magenta, Genuine Orange, Primary Yellow, Landscape Green, Hi-Def Cyan, Marine Ultra, Rich Purple, Black Black, Pure White.

Scary Acrylic Paint.... It's that what you put on model cars? I thought to myself. Do I need to use acetone to scrape this stuff off my skin?... Ha ha

These paints are AMAZING! I have never used Acrylic Paints, or even the cake makeup MAC puts out, and they do have quite a few different types of body paints, but these Acrylic Paints are everything I wanted and more. I have used Wet' n Wild face and body paint here and what I have concluded about Wet' n Wild's face and body paint is that it spreads easily with no mixing medium while using a sponge or brush. It's inexpensive and easy to get your hands on during Halloween time. The product was easy to get to an opaque finish but it was hard to get it to spread evenly without looking blotchy. The paint ultimately moves and doesn't set without a powder, and it gets all over the place... clothes, teeth, where you didn't want it... ha ha For a inexpensive Halloween look these will do just fine, but I am looking at the bigger picture.

MAC's products include the Chromacakes, Grease Sticks, Paint Pots, Air Brush Paints, and Acrylic Paints. (If there is more that I have missed I am sorry.) They all have their own unique properties. I do not own these so I am going off my sampling of the products and info the MAC consultant gave me in the Pro store, not based on actual work application.

I first tried out the Chromacake. Chromacake needs to be mixed with a mixing medium to get them to spread evenly and well frankly budge at all. They yield great pigmentation payoff with a little bit of product and you can sheer it out or make it opaque with more layers. The benefits I see with the Chromacakes is that you get a lot of product and are able to control the opaqueness. The down side is that they are very dry after setting. You do not have to set with powder to get them to stay but the more layers you apply the more chance of it cracking or flaking.

So let's move on to the Paint pots. Very versatile from all over color to eyeliner these are a solid creamy texture and are pigmented. I still would use a mixing medium to get this to spread evenly not to mention that there is very little in the pot comparatively to the Chromacakes. The Paint Pots are much better for doing intricate detailed work. They seem like they would flake after a couple hours of wear but would have a good life span before that happened. The Paint pots also should be set with a powder for longer wear and stay.

Next the Grease Sticks. The Grease Sticks are just that greasy... They spread very well and give great coverage without needing a mixing medium. Unfortunately they keep moving. Ha ha They move well with the way the skin naturally moves, and it moves onto the clothing, and spreads and's just a mess I could imagine after a couple hours of wear. Super creamy in texture and easy to use. I think these would be hard to set for long wear time and stay power.

Now the scary Acrylic Paints. These come in Jars and are in a liquid state instead of a solid like the others mentioned above. I found these to be easy to use, very spreadable, and move with the skin. That last one is the best part. This stuff will not crack, no need to set, and once dried it will not move, rub off, or disappear. When sampling I did notice that it had one level of coverage. Full coverage! I can see with some stippling with a sponge or light handed brush stroke this could have more dimensions than one, full coverage.

I feel that all options have their own niche to work within. I hope to play more with the Acrylics which really fascinated me and really spawned this review.

Happy painting!
American Cutie Beauty, Jamie


  1. So many choices... I like the acrylic ones, mostly because they don't crack or smear etc, but I wonder how well they would come off? Like is there something special you use to take them off?

  2. I used one makeup wipe to take off what I had on my hand in the picture. I could have removed probably twice that amount with the same wipe before I just started smearing it around on my hand. Thanks for the question.

  3. Thanks for the review ^_^ I think it's just what I was looking for :D

  4. I forgot to mention that the Acrylic Paints are Pro only. Call a MAC Pro Store and they will take your order without needing a pro card and it is a flat $7 shipping charge anywhere and any number of items!