Friday, May 28, 2010

To the Beach

So I was able to pre-order some of the MAC to the beach collection and WOW good thing I did. The Marine Life Highlight blush sold out online within 24 hours. And most stores sold out of it with pre sales. So I was lucky enough to get a Marine life and I must say it is one of the best purchases I have made. It is so beautiful on. with a slight shine and coraly pink sheen to it... To die for! 
I was also about to purchase Thrills Lipstick and Eyeshadows in Sweet and Punchy and firecracker, which the sweet and punchy is sold out as well. Firecracker was a last minute buy but great purchase indeed. The beach bronzer isn't what I was hoping for, the pigment payoff isn't what I expected of a MAC product but it does give a great shimmer to my cheeks. 
Marine Life, Thrills, Sweet and Punchy, and Firecracker have all been great purchases. Must haves if you are able to get them now since some sold out after 24 hours , but I am sure they will be available on Ebay or you can win one of them from Temptalia I will have pictures of looks I created with some of the new items up by Tuesday and reviews on all of them next week.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC Haul

Okay this week I made my second and third purchase from MAC. My first time was False lashes for my wedding when I had no clue the fun of makeup. So on to what I got!

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light Medium
Pink Opal Pigment
Studio Moisture Tint in Light

MAC 239 Brush
Chromagraphic Pencil Crayon NC/15

I went to the Pro store at South Coast Plaza... OMG am I in trouble! Not only was the lady that helped me super nice and helpful, it's a "Pro" store. Meaning so many more color options then just the islands in the department stores and regular MAC stores. They also carry all of the pigments which from the little bit I used of the pink opal last night they are *sings* Amazing!

I hope to get a look together to photog and do a real review on my experience with them.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ELF Review

This is my review and experience of the products I received from (ELF) Over-all the products are pretty good for their price, sometimes just perfect.  All of my orders had at least 10-15 items and I have placed three orders with them and the first two orders were missing items they say were back-ordered. After several calls and promises of crediting my account, sadly they never did. This was very disappointing since I liked some of the products. I decided to give them one more shot, third times the charm, right! ;-) YAY, I received all my items! Their items and policies can be a hit and a miss. If you don't mind possibly losing a couple bucks, (which in the makeup world whats $2-$4 bucks) this was frustrating but with larger orders it is a possibility. They have some really good items for the price to be had!

Mineral Eyeshadow pots $3
They come in a small clear pot with a black lid. They have a sifter in them which really doesn't do much for keeping the eyeshadow in the bottom of the pot. All of the colors are hard to tell what they will really look like, from what you see online. They get close though. All of them have good pigmentation and most have a shimmer to them. Very smooth and easily blendable.


Color: Silvery White
Color: Champaign

Color: Bronze with a gold shimmer
Color: Matte Mauve

Color: Pink with a gold shimmer

Color: Light Pinky with silver shimmer

Color: Light Burgandy with silver shimmer
Color: Copper with gold shimmer

Color: Bright shimmery gold


Color: Brown with golden shimmer

Color: Dark shiommery bronze with a touch of plum
Color: Dark shimmery purple


Color: Light shimmery beige

Duo Eyeshadow Cream $1
Pretty easy to use black packaging with a clear cover .The colors represented online are a little lighter but pretty true to the color you get. These aren't really pigmented though the Colors in each duo container compliment each other well. The texture for most of the colors I bought are all creamy. I found that the lighter color in the Butter Pecan Duo is a little thinner then the rest and the Gold color in the Sugar Cookie Duo is a bit thicker. It also has a touch of glitter in it which causes it to clump when applying. Other than the sugar cookie duo all glide on smoothly and look good with the right amount applied and proper blending. The major disadvantage to these is that they are said to not crease and I find that after a couple min’s of wear they start to crease with or without powder on top. When applying only apply a thin layer. Or you can try using them as cream blushes, cheek highlights, or as all over face paint for Halloween makeup or masks.

Butter pecan
Colors: Medium Antique Bronze / pale peach

Colors: Dark Antique Bronze / medium lime green with gold sheen

Mocha Swirl
Colors: Dark reddish brown with golden sheen / Irridecent Lilac

Berry Mix
Colors: Plum / Light Lilac

Sugar Cookie
Colors: Iridescent Pink/ Yellow Gold with a little glitter in the mix.

Duo Eye Shadow $1
Same packaging as the Duo Cream packaging has a black case with clear cover. The colors represented online are pretty true to the color you get again maybe a little lighter online. The colors are matte and are not very pigmented. It takes quite a bit to achieve a darker look. The darker colors are good for a little definition or a dramatic look by packing it on. These are pressed shadows and the texture fairly smooth, though the Butter Pecan’s Peachy color is chalky with small chunks of unmixed powder. They are kind of hard to use since the pigmentation isn't all there and they aren't as smooth to use then better quality brands.

Butter Pecan
Color: Matte Medium Coppery Bronze / Matte Peach

Butter Pecan Cream base with Eye Shadow on Top

Berry Mix
Color: Matte Plum / Satin Light Lilac

Berry Mix Cream base with Eye Shadow on Top

Shimmering Facial Whip $1
The Shimmery Facial Whips come in clear plastic squeeze tubes with a pointed nozzle perfect for application. I absolutely love these. The colors represented online are not all the same when I got them but are all still very pretty colors. They have good pigmented when you first put them on but after blending them in they tone down. All of them have a super shimmery, iridescent sheen. The texture is a bit sticky but doesn't dry sticky. I find that putting a little powder blush or powder foundation over them set them well and still shimmer through, though setting them isn't necessary. They blend easily into the skin, and I like using them as a cheek highlighter or blush, but you can use it all over your face if you want. Ooh and they have a great smell great of citrus. The wear is about 3-4 hours with residue of a shimmer throughout the day.


Color: Shimmery light golden brown

Golden Peach

Color: Shimmery Golden Peach


Color: Iridescent Light pinky purple

Pink Lemonade
Color: Shimmery Bright pink


Color: Shimmery Dark lilac

Lilac Petal
Color: Shimmery Lilac

Color: Iridescent Silvery white

All Over Color Stick $1
These come in cute little hard plastic containers, unfortunately while winding one of them up to do swatches the entire mechanism and color came out together away from base of the packaging. I was able to fix it easily and it hasn’t happened again. The colors are true to the pictures online. They have very good pigmentation and last for about 5-6 hours. The texture is smooth and creamy, easy to use and blends well. They are not oily or sticky but just right. These also have a good citrus smell to them like the Facial whips. The colors are very similar to the Shimmery Facial Whips but are more of a matte then shimmery.

Pink Lemonade
Color: Bright pink
Color: Rosey copper
Color: light beige/white

Brightening Eye Color $1
Cute, simple packaging with a white base and clear cover and a tiny mirror under the foam applicator. The colors you see online are what you get; Although, I only bought one quad so I can’t really speak for all of them. Very pigmented with an okay texture to most of them. These pressed powders are matte colors, the pink and white have a little bit of glitter in them which you can’t see online. They blend nicely and are easy to use.

Punk Funk
Color: White, Bright Pink, Bright Blue, Bright purple all go on Matte, the pink and white have a small amount of glitter in them.

Natural Radiance Blusher $1
Okay on these the packaging has to go! What a mess! They have a very soft texture so there was a lot of mess.  These are pressed powders that are not pressed too well. My Glow color broke apart a couple days after getting it and the packaging is a bottom slid-out that is loosely secured to the top. The colors are true to the pictures online and have good pigmented. The colors are great, dispite the packaging, and go on smooth and blend easily. They have a slight citrus smell to them.
Color: Light pink satiny pink

Color: Bright fuchsia

Color: Orange peachy bronze

Minerals Blush $5
Round packaging with a black top, clear bottom and a sifter inside. This packaging is standard for their Mineralized shadows too. It has good pigmentation but the texture can become a little clumpy in the container and I have a hard time not getting enough on my brush. It blends well and gives a nice color to the skin and wears about 4-5 hours. The sifter is aslo easily removed if you do not car for it.

Color: Peachy coral
(See picture above with other blushes)

Luscious Liquid Lipstick $1
These come in a cute easy to use hard plastic tube that you twist the color out of onto a slightly fuzzy tip. The color that comes can be a hit and miss with looking like what’s online. They have good pigmentation and the colors are very pretty. They are like a lip gloss and smell really good. Unfortunately they don’t taste good at all. (no pictures)
Pink Lemonade
Color: Bright shimmery pinkBark
Color: Nude’ish brown (Taup

Minerals Lipstick $5
Classy black packaging. The colors you see online are not what you get, you really have to see them in person. The pigmentation is good and semi opaque. They go on smoothly and keep your lips moisturized for a bit. These wear for about 2-3 hours.

Cool Coral
Color: Coral peach with a gold shimmer to it.

Barely Bitten
Color: Deep golden pink.
Royal Red
Color: bright red with an orangy tint trying to immitate the gold shimmer they show onliner.

Fiery Fuchsia
Color: Dark Pretty Pink.

ELF Brushes $1
The ELF line of brushes can be a hit and miss. I have gotten good quality brushes and I have received bad ones. For a buck I am willing to take the chance. They come in different color bristels , white, nude, brown and black. Some are synthetic and some are real hair.

Blush Brush
Good angle on it medium fullness and medium softness. I really like it. Not too many hairs fall out.

Total face brush
Medium fullness and softness, it was a little small for a face brush.Some falling bristles.

Blending Brush
I really like this brush. It is a fluffy dome tip brush and really soft. Does good for blending with most shadows. This is a good blending brush for people without a high brow bone.

Eyelash/ Brow wand
Great, lol I don’t know what more to say about a spooley. It works.

Concealer Brush
Very small stiff brush. works well for small concealing jobs, maybe some smudging.

Foundation brush
Really good foundation brush although the second one I purchased had some melted/ damaged bristles on the tip.

Eyeliner Brush
Flat stiff, thin brush. It was the first one of this type I have ever used so I am not too sure if I like it but it is a good quality brush, I just have to us it more to get a good opinion of it.

Brow Comb/ Brush
This is an okay brow comb. The stiff bristles are good, but the plastic comb side breaks easily like most do, or I'm just really rough on my brow combs!

ELF Studio Line Brushes $3
Good line of brushes most come with a black bristle. Defiantly a better quality then their $1 line. I hope to try a few more of these in the future.
Small Angled Brush
Good quality black bristle brush. Thin and not too stiff or soft. I love this brush for applying liner, defining eye shadow lines, and filling in my eye brows.

Fan Blush Brush
The brush is pretty soft. The only problem I had was the packaging it came in kind of squished the bristles in on the outer edges. Good for applying a light dusting of blush, highlighting and getting rid of fall out.

Small smudge Brush
This is a small flat, stiff, rounded brush. Easy to use and does well as a smudge brush.

Small Precision Brush
This is a very small flat, stiff, rounded brush a little bigger then the smudge brush. It works well with cream eyeshadows and smudging as well.

Make-up Removing Cleansing Cloths $3
They come in a nice soft plastic bag with an attached lid. I really like that lid. They are fairly soft and remove make-up pretty good. My problem with these is they are not easy to tear. I like using small parts of my cleansing cloths to clean up the fall out around my eyes, and these need to be cut.

   For the most part their stuff is medium quality. Some items work really well for their price and all is priced very well, but remember you get what you pay for sometimes and I found this to be true with some of their products. I hope this review has helped you learn a little bit about the ELF products.

Happy $1 buying!
American Cutie Beauty

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cover Girl Out Last Lipstains

Cover Girl has come out with Outlast Lipstains. During my trip to CVS I was perusing the makeup area and saw these on sale. Buy one get one free! At $8.99 I was a little hesitant to buy but since it was buy one get one free I had to.
I purchased #410 Bit of Blossom and #430 Coy Coral. Bit of blossom is a warm blue based pink similar to MAC's Stylesetter Lipstain Marker. Coy Coral is a slightly orangeish bright cherry red similar to MAC's Tomorrow's Coral Lipstain Marker. Their application is delivered in the style of a felt tip marker, easy to line around the lips and and fill in, just like coloring! These fruity smelling and tasting Lipstains go on wet and dry in about a minute leaving your lips the smallest amount of sticky, kind of like you just finished off a lollipop, but this goes away eventually with wear.

If you let these dry on your lips about 5 minutes before using them this color will stay for about 6-8 hours depending on your lip usage. ;-) I put on the Coy Coral last night, wore it for a couple hours and then tried to wash off with my daily cleanser. I woke up with a slight red tint to my lips this morning! So the color last is pretty good. I would recommend if your lips are damaged do not use this as the stain will adhere to the chapped parts of your lips more then the healthier parts and give you a splotchy mess.

The color goes on flat and can be built up with a couple swipes. You can put some gloss over the top to make these colors shine but this will cause the color to last only a couple hours. Same with using it as a base for a punch of color underneath your lipstick. Even though these are very bold colors they do not need concealer or foundation around your lips to contain the bleeding.

I am going to give Cover Girl Out Last Lipstain ★★★ 1/2

NYC Cosmetics

My local CVS has NYC Cosmetics on sale right now. Buy one get one 50% off so I took advantage of the discount, even though these products are so inexpensive you really don't need a discount on them to buy a handful without breaking the bank.

The product that perked my interest was the Ultra Last LipWear #405 Blue Rose. A hot pink, blue base color. NYC Ultra Last LipWear #405 Blue Rose is a beautiful violet/ fuchsia color with great pigment. Goes on smooth and is fairly durable. Wearable even through a cup of Joe for about 3 hours before reapplication is needed. Along with great wear ability the price is right on this item at only a $1.99 as opposed to MAC's lipsticks at $14. It amazingly kept my lips moisterized throughout the entire wear.

I have been looking for an inexpensive way to match MAC's Show Orchid lipstick. Blue Rose is close but MAC Show Orchid is more pinky while NYC Blue Rose is more violet. As someone told me once " You get what you pay for." So the color stay payoff and pigment are defiantly not the same as MAC but with your Beauty on a budget it is a great comprimise!
MAC Show Orchid

NYC Ultra Last6 LipWear #405 Blue Rose

After the easy decision to purchase the Lipstick I had a difficult time choseing another item. I finally chose, In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in #240B Midtown. Sticking with the same color scheme it is a bright blue based hot pink for $1.99. After the discount $1.00

In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in #240B Midtown
This goes on great in one coat. It is a hot pink with a blueish frost to it. It dries enough in two minutes for you to be able to go about using your hands gently. I would still let them dry for about 30 minutes to an hour before you start doing the dishes or handling anything where your nails come in contact with it. It took about three hours for the color to be completly set. With a top coat let dry for 30-45 minuntes. A top coat will definatly benifit this color as it will help show off the true beauty of this color.

The lipstick gets ★★★★
The Nail Polish gets ★★★ 1/2 A New York color Minute is long!


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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