Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cover Girl Out Last Lipstains

Cover Girl has come out with Outlast Lipstains. During my trip to CVS I was perusing the makeup area and saw these on sale. Buy one get one free! At $8.99 I was a little hesitant to buy but since it was buy one get one free I had to.
I purchased #410 Bit of Blossom and #430 Coy Coral. Bit of blossom is a warm blue based pink similar to MAC's Stylesetter Lipstain Marker. Coy Coral is a slightly orangeish bright cherry red similar to MAC's Tomorrow's Coral Lipstain Marker. Their application is delivered in the style of a felt tip marker, easy to line around the lips and and fill in, just like coloring! These fruity smelling and tasting Lipstains go on wet and dry in about a minute leaving your lips the smallest amount of sticky, kind of like you just finished off a lollipop, but this goes away eventually with wear.

If you let these dry on your lips about 5 minutes before using them this color will stay for about 6-8 hours depending on your lip usage. ;-) I put on the Coy Coral last night, wore it for a couple hours and then tried to wash off with my daily cleanser. I woke up with a slight red tint to my lips this morning! So the color last is pretty good. I would recommend if your lips are damaged do not use this as the stain will adhere to the chapped parts of your lips more then the healthier parts and give you a splotchy mess.

The color goes on flat and can be built up with a couple swipes. You can put some gloss over the top to make these colors shine but this will cause the color to last only a couple hours. Same with using it as a base for a punch of color underneath your lipstick. Even though these are very bold colors they do not need concealer or foundation around your lips to contain the bleeding.

I am going to give Cover Girl Out Last Lipstain ★★★ 1/2

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