Friday, May 28, 2010

To the Beach

So I was able to pre-order some of the MAC to the beach collection and WOW good thing I did. The Marine Life Highlight blush sold out online within 24 hours. And most stores sold out of it with pre sales. So I was lucky enough to get a Marine life and I must say it is one of the best purchases I have made. It is so beautiful on. with a slight shine and coraly pink sheen to it... To die for! 
I was also about to purchase Thrills Lipstick and Eyeshadows in Sweet and Punchy and firecracker, which the sweet and punchy is sold out as well. Firecracker was a last minute buy but great purchase indeed. The beach bronzer isn't what I was hoping for, the pigment payoff isn't what I expected of a MAC product but it does give a great shimmer to my cheeks. 
Marine Life, Thrills, Sweet and Punchy, and Firecracker have all been great purchases. Must haves if you are able to get them now since some sold out after 24 hours , but I am sure they will be available on Ebay or you can win one of them from Temptalia I will have pictures of looks I created with some of the new items up by Tuesday and reviews on all of them next week.
Thanks for reading
Love you all
Jamie Fox

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