Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glaminar and IMATs

Oh how do I wish I could go to this! It seams like so much fun with loads of information, with stash bags to boot! The stash bag alone is probably worth the cost of the seminar. For the Bombshell Beauty class it is $275. Now I know what you are thinking... WOW that is a bunch of money for makeup seminar. You get so much information from Kandee in one seminar you can come out of the seminar feeling confidant enough to start your own makeup classes!

Next time she is in town with one of these I am sure to go, just need to save up for it!

Also IMATs are this coming to LA. IMATs stands for International Makeup Artist Trade show. Click Here For more info You get to see all the new idea's coming from top makeup companies and most give great discounts at the show. I hope to go to this the next year it comes through town as it kind of sneaked up on me this year.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!
Jamie Fox

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