Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAC 239 Brush

A converted brush discount shopper.

I have to admit for the longest time I knew that the brush made the precision and application of the makeup the best but I only knew it and hadn't experienced it. I have bought so many brushes from the drug store, which not all of them are bad mind you. I started out with buying two Sephora brushes and it well.... it took me a little bit to learn how to use them properly but I learned that they are awesome! So I thought if sephora could make a good brush then maybe MAC might have something with their over priced brushes. So I started out with one of the most important brushes I thought I needed which was the 239.

I don't know how I applied makeup without it ... Oh wait that's right I was able to apply it just not as vibrant and acurate as I am now! I now have the tough decision to make of purchasing the new random eye shadow I want from MAC or buying a new brush. decisions decisions.

The 239 brush is a flat, slightly stiff, short brush with a rounded fluffyiesh tip. Great for applying shadow to the bottom part of the lid and under the bottom water line. I am starting my collection of MAC brushes and I would definatly recomment this as one of your started brushes. I even want two of them... (Click the pic. for clearer version)
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