Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To The Beach Cream Bronzer Beach Bronze

To the Beach Cream Bronzer
Beach Bronze
Cute packaging if your into the beach theme, which I am! The packaging has a green outer shell with a clear window in the front with a clam shell sketch on it. One of the neat thing that made my decision to purchase it is the finish. It is a cream that turns into a silky powder finish. The pigmentation on this however, sucks! It is tan in color with gold fleck all throughout the the bronzer. For me the flecks of gold really saved this product for me. It gives your cheeks a healthy lightly tanned glow. It would probably work well for night time summer parties to give you that, just spent a couple hours at the beach today, look!
Overall I like the product but because of it's lack of pigment you have to use a lot of it to achieve a well tanned golden look.
.21oz @ $25
I think if I had a chance to try it out I would have passed on this
2 out of 5 stars
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