Wednesday, July 7, 2010


NEW MAC!!! YAY, so in trouble when the husband finds out, but Shhh, I won't tell if you don't! I am slowly building up my MAC collection (and Macy's card!) When I heard department store MAC counters started carrying pigments I had to take a peek, and buy one..., and a shadow to go with it..., and that blush brush I'd been eying...

MAC Greensmoke
Tarnished Olive
.05 oz $14.50
It looks pewter in the picture, IRL it is a deep smokey green with a slight shimmer to it. Texture is very smooth, and pigment is a little on the lighter side. It isn't as pigmented as I hoped but with a couple layers and blending I got the smokey green effect I was desiring.

Old Gold Pigment
High frosted tarnished gold
.15 oz $19.50
The flash from the camera captures it's coppery gold side that screams glam, what you don't see is the tarnished green tint on it's flip side. Such a beautiful color that says I'm super glam but I've been here a while.

MAC 129 Brush (top)
Click for review. MAC 239 Brush (bottom)
Ouph! Hefty price for a fluffy blush brush. It took a lot of convincing and arm twisting to bring myself to buy it. I'm pretty convincing! It has a fluffy medium size, round, dome, tip. It's a very workable blush brush for all colors and shades. I really love it's ability to bronze the high plains of my face just right. The bristles are soft and packed tightly so it has good substance to it. No regrets, eagerly welcomed into my collection.
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