Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAC Moisture Tint

MAC Moisture tint with SPF 15 in Light is a great color for lighter skin completions. It is the lightest weight cover consistency MAC has. When I ventured into the MAC store I told the artist I needed a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. The moisturizer came first and it was acceptable, light weight and covered well. Next came the lightest weight foundation they have and well I just don't think MAC foundations are for me. Very heavy.
The moisturizer I purchased gives a great "Fake" foundation coverage but doesn't do much in the moisture department. I found that with just using it as my moisturizer before makeup it made my skin flakey and exaggerated my dry skin it caused my problem areas to look flakey. I decided to try it with my normal daily Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer then layer the tinted moisturizer on top and it complimented it!
My final though on this moisturizer is it worked great for evening out the sun spots and uneveness of my skin but it is lacking in the moisture department. Adding your normal moisturizer makes this ideal for women who want a light weight coverage similar to a foundation coverage. Apply your normal moisturizer then the MAC Moisture tint then concealer of your choice to cover trouble spots and you have a great weight less Dewey coverage. Add a little ELF Completion Perfection and MAC mineralized skin finish powder to set it and you have a flawless face that isn't too powdery or sticky.

MAC Moister Tint SPF 15: 3 stars

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