Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update to Pt.1, Lip Candy Glaze

~ Super sad ~

This is an update to a review I did on Color Science's Lip Candy Glaze. You can find that blog here.

I originally gave this product an 86% because I really like the product inside the package. The packaging was only a small problem during my reviewing time. I have since found a more serious problem in the functionality of the packaging problem that almost renders it unsuitable for traveling with unless I put it in a plastic bag.

The problem I mentioned with the packaging was that the top doesn't screw on correctly to it's bottom counter part causing the aesthetics of the square package to be unattainable. I thought a quarter twist back into it's rightful square sleek design wouldn't cause a problem since it had a click when in that position. I found out while rummaging through my beauty travel case for my everyday day items, looking for a liner I found that the Lip Candy Glaze had been leaking ever so slightly. Not enough to make a super mess in my plastic lined pouch but enough to make me sad to have to clean it out and take the glaze out of my travel bag. Tightening the cap on tightly will most likely take care of this leakage problem but now you have, if you can imagine, a rubix cube stuck in in mid-motion.
With this finding I have to lower it's score by 3 in the packaging and value department and thus lower it's total score. I still love the product inside, and hope that I got the one with faulty packaging.

Packaging:2/6, Value:6/9, Formulae:21/24
Overall: 80% is quarterly beauty program in which you pay $50 to sample 8 beauty products from makeup & hair to nails & skincare. The awesome part about this program is that for the $50 I paid I got $400 worth of products. Too good to be true, right?! It is a GREAT deal. Some of the products are from well-known brands and some of them from brands I have never heard of. That is the other side of this deal. Most of the items I have never heard of are sold exclusively by the websites is associated with. But just the other day I went into my new beauty store next to my house and one of the items in my kit was there. The lady's jaw dropped when I told her how much I got it for!

Other than the website specific brands, I am going to say I am please so far with the program after receiving my first order. I will have a better outlook on the program after my second shipment.

Thanks for logging on =~)

If you decide to join with me, mention my name and or email and you'll be helping me to get my next kit free! To sweeten the deal they have a first order discount . Enter code BFIX5 at checkout and get your first order for $19.99!!! Shipping is always free!

One disappointed me,
Jamie Fox

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