Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mark ~ Avon's trendy line

For quite a while now Avon has had a line tailored towards the younger crowd. I must admit that 10 years ago I loved everything I bought from Avon. From their bags, jewelry, makeup and clothes. They were the best thing next to sliced bread. I recently purchased about $30 worth of Mark makeup products not to review but some of the proceeds were to go towards a good charity. After trying out the products I must say something about them.Product packaging is cute. Product price is pretty reasonable. Product quality was poor.

Let me start with their,
Good Riddens concealer pencils.

Packaging is pretty cleaver with the connectible tops enabling you to connect to another one of their hook up items. The cream is thick and easily applied but is on the oily side and smudges easily.

Next is the Get Bright Highlighter

Looks pretty in the bottle does nothing to brighten the under eye. The formulae is thin and disappears after blending into the skin.

Sparkle duster

This is a fat brush that dispenses a subtle amount of shimmery powder to any where you apply it. Unfortunatly it dispenses so little it is barely visable. The brush is kind of scratchy too. The packaging is super cool with it's lift up tube so that putting the cap on is easily done without having to fight the brush.

I saved the worst for last.
Please Hold Eye Primer

The picture says it all. Within two minutes after application the primer creased. It didn't even give me time to put eyeshadow on! The formulae is slippery and oily. I wouldn't even wish this on an enemy.

I was really hopeful for the Mark products since Avon has such a good reputation for putting out quality products. Maybe in another 10 years I will try Mark again but untill then I will stick to my other coveted cosmetic lines.

Hope this helps you when deciding should I or should I not...
Jamie Fox

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