Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simp-Lee Makeover!

Over the Labor Day weekend my friend Lee came to me and told me I could clean him up! YES, YES, and YES. Luckily I had two lovely ladies to help me out with this task, Alison and Roxy.  Roxy is a seasoned Lee trimmer so he was in good hands! And Alison has an eye for what looks good on guys! I have been cutting my hair for years and have recently been trimming my roomy Joe's hair. I must have done pretty good the first time on Joe's hair cause he let me do it again! I even got a tip! haha But the confidence was there to take on this task. I really should have gone into Cosmetology cause I LOVE Hair and Makeup! 

Let me start out with saying that our friend Lee is one of the sweetest guys out there. He will do anything you ask, (and don't ask...) and is very dedicated to his friends and family.  He is a computer gamer that enjoys playing Cribbage, WoW, and MUDD.  I believe he is studying Accounting in collage too!

What we started with was the fluff on his face. This man has a FULL beard that Vikings would be jealous of! But since we don't live in the Viking age any more it had to go! We took his mustache and beard around his mouth down to a 2 on the clippers and trimmed it up nice and neat for a respectable beard, I don't know what you would call this bearded area but it looked great! The rest under his chin and up to his sideburns were clean shaven! Looking fabulous!

For the hair on his head I was going to trim it short with about three inches left on the top but someone else had a better idea. So what we did was left all the length on his hair which reached about to his chin and a little longer in the back so he can easily put it back into a pony tail for easy management. In the back from the ears down I graduated from a 3 down to a 0 and trimmed and cleaned the neck area to help keep him cool.

Warning, I wish I had better after photos but it was late and dark when I thought to take them and don't do the end result justice.

I think he looks so handsome now with a clean trim beard and face! Now to get him to come over every two weeks to do maintenance! =) Hint, hint, wink, wink... Lee!~ 

Thank you to Lee for letting us clean you up and Thanks to my wonderful friends Alison and Roxy.

Have a great day from your hair clipping 
American Cutie Beauty

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