Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eyeliner Application - An easier way to... Wing it!

This post is for people who have the same or similar problem as I, or who doesn't want to give their eye a paper-cut, or put tape on their face, or hold a piece of flimsy tissue paper up to their eye to trace, or any other reason why you are still looking for a way to apply eyeliner. Have you always wanted to wear winged eyeliner but could never get the wing angle looking quite right? Well, that's me. My parents were nice enough to give me a little something from both of their genes. One slightly hooded normal eyelid and one completely hooded eyelid. So as you can imagine creating wings with my eyeliner is more difficult then normal and I gave up on it a long time ago.

My method is very similar to holding a piece of paper up to your eye and I was dumbfounded when I stumbled upon a perfect winged liner for my eyes. I was applying eyeliner to my water lines and over shot on the bottom outer corner so I grabbed a paper towel folded it and started to very gently wipe it off. When I removed the napkin from my face i had a straight line starting at my eye and extending out like winged eyeliner. It was faint so I decided to fill it in. GOLD! The line the napkin created followed the natural fold of my hooded eye and showed me where the line needed to be.

So on to the how too!

Step 1. Grab a paper towel or paper napkin and fold in half creating a pretty good (doesn't have to be perfectly flat) crease.

Step 2. Take your eyeliner and apply it to any area of the folded edge of the crease. Make it about 1/4"-1/2" long.

Step 3. Bring the drawn on part of the napkin up to your bottom water line and while lining up with the natural curve of the outer 1/3 of your bottom water line rub the napkin's crease lightly only about an inch back and forth (from nose to temple.)

Step 4. Remove napkin and you now have a solid tracer.

Step 5. Use liner to darken and fill in the area.

Now if your like me and because of the hood you will get a stamp on the upper part of your eyelid. Don't fill in past the first millimeter or two, past your eye lashes. Then pat on some clear/ translucent face powder to the liner wing (unless you used some bad ass liquid liner line MAC's Liquid liners or Makeup 4 ever.

I hope this is helpful and allows some who were wing impaired like me to try the winged liner out again, and maybe this gave some of you have a new quicker way to put on you liner.  (seems to me like it would be )

An American Cutie~

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