Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make that Acne Sulfur!

I have decided to do some simple short posts about simplifying the different types of masks there are and which will work best for your skin. There are so many different facial masks to choose from today and many different kinds and purposes for each mask. With so many out there it is hard to figure out which kind is right for you. First you have to ask yourself, What does my skin need?

Skin tone evening
Pore refining
Detoxifying/ Cleansing
Tightening/ Anti-aging
Acne clearing

I am going to tackle the subject of Acne and how sulfur is your friend. You need a mask that will kill bacteria, unclog pores, and dry, but not over-dry, your skin.

So what makes sulfur so good for helping clear acne? Sulfur is known for killing bacteria with its germ killing properties. It acts as a peeling agent to help rid your skin from dead skin cells that can cause clogged pores, and finally it has drying properties to help dry out your oily pores. Effects from a sulfur mask are most evident with continued use and more effective with each use and as apart of a consistent beauty routine. You will need to have a good moisturizer to go along with your beauty routine so you do not over-dry your face and cause dull, lifeless, flaky skin.

I have used Murad Clerifying Mask, with great results. My skin type can range from oily in the Summer to combination during the Fall and Spring, and dry in the Winter time. So I'm all over the place. I also have a problem with stress acne and some times just plain painful acne. Murad Clerifying Mask is made with the acne prone person in mind with 4.0% sulfur content.

I hope this helps out with some of your questions on Acne and Sulfur masks. Thank you to Danielle for posing the question to spark this series.
Hugs and squeaky clean faces your American Cutie Beauty.

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  1. That is quite helpful! I'm definitely looking forward to this series. Thanks!