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MyGlam Bag

My GlamBag
$10.00 per month US Via

I have to say just a little bit about this new beauty sample subscription program that came out in December of 2011. Subscriptions for this company, created by Michelle Phan and a couple other youtube beauty guru's, sold out quickly out in December. More subscriptions became available in January for a limited time. This service promoted that each month for $10 you will receive 3 - 4 deluxe size beauty samples. I wasn't sure what to expect from them so I waited to see what their first bag had, thinking it would be a good representation of bags to follow. Their first bag was AMAZING! The first bag had 2 deluxe size samples and 4 full size samples and the enticing part was it was ALL makeup! Makeup junkies dream! I jumped at the chance after I saw their first bag and saw that more subscriptions had opened up in January. Now I understand that they never promised the bag would have all makeup products, deluxe or full size makeup samples, or even that makeup would be in the bag. They advertised the bags as having beauty products in them. 

Filling the first bag with all makeup products was a great marketing strategy by MyGlam. It caught the eye of people who have tried all the other beauty sampling services out there that wanted one that would give more relevant and more makeup samples rather than beauty products in their bags. The one thing I read about all the other beauty sampling companies from their subscribers is that they wished there was more makeup in the bags.  The companies already out there put out 95% skin care, 3% nail care, 2% hair care, and 1% makeup. People want more makeup products not skin care and after seeing the first bag from MyGlam, I thought " Hey it looks like one company has got it right this time!"

 Ha Ha, silly me! In the months following the first bag you were lucky to get 1 makeup product and 2-3 deluxe size samples. They were starting to send out the one time use sample pouches, you know the ones you can go into any beauty store and ask for, for free! Okay maybe not for all the products.

December's bag
 included a small makeup bag, a full size of the NYX soft matte lip cream, 1 eye shadow from Urban Decay, MAI Couture book of blush papers, and a book of blotting papers. A deluxe size sample of Tarte's lights, camera, lashes mascara, and Urban Decay's original primer potion. Pretty rockin bag I'd say!

January's bag 
included a small makeup bag, full size samples of Freeman's facial Masque, Sheer coverage concealer in a light color, and The Balm's shady lady eyeshadow OR Hot Ticket nail polish. A deluxe size sample of Wen's Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner. Okay pretty good to get all full size or deluxe size samples even if you can't use the concealer because your not light skinned or you just don't wear nail polish.

February's Bag
included small makeup bag, full size of NYX Roller ball eyeshadow, a full size one time use Freeman's facial mask. Deluxe size sample of X Out shine control for the face. A one time use Dead Sea facial mask and eye cream sample pouches, a $100 gift card to NUME hair tools (which is limited to select items only which all exceed the $100 price,) and two Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Okay even though there was a full size sample of a facial masque by freeman in last months bag, I still got 3 full or deluxe size samples, but a gift card I have to spend money to redeem... I don't know about this one. It is a generous $100 but that don't mean a thing unless I use it.

March's Bag
included a small makeup bag, a deluxe size sample of 3LAB perfect cleansing foam, OR some may have gotten a full size sample of Pur- Lisse daily lip nourisher OR Murad's absolute bronzing boost. A (I guess this would be a full sized sample) MyGlam blending make up brush in a faux leather pouch. Sample size one time use pouches for Keracolor color enhancing leave-in hair treatment,  Murad eye life perfector, and Pur-Lisse essential daily moisturizer. A gift card to the Dermstore for $25 with a minimum $50 purchase required limitation. So... this month we got 2 full or deluxe size samples, 3 sample pouches and another gift card with restriction. This bag was the most disappointing.
The decline of their promise of 3-4 deluxe size samples is interesting to watch and I am a little shocked at what seems like a very misleading first Glam Bag. The deterioration of some of the deluxe size samples to one time use sample pouches companies give out for free is very disappointing. What disappointed me even more was that they are giving Beautyfix samples out as the deluxe size samples. If I wanted to still get products offered through Beautyfix I would have continued my subscription there. 

The cool thing about MyGlam is that the makeup bag changes each month. AWESOME since you get one every month. They also do a couple giveaway contests on their facebook page each month.

Last thought on the MyGlam Bag. Even with the shipping mix ups, late shipping, and one time use sample pouches, it's a great concept. Every new company has it's problems and need a couple months to really get their feet wet, but failing on a marketing promise of 3 - 4 deluxe or full size samples won't keep your customers. Even if you don't care to keep those since many, and I mean MANY, people are waiting to get a subscription, eventually those people will fade and you will have no more market. You say you want to listen to your customers, then I hope you do and have the follow through. You have me for 3 more months which will equal out to the price I would have paid for one quarter of Beautyfix, and if your claims don't start to hold up I'm out.

I hope you all had a great weekend and if you've been interested in MyGlam I hope this helped you understand what they are about.
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