Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty from the inside

This time of year is the beginning of a very busy season for another hobby/ activity I love. Even more than makeup! I'm talking Drum Corps. Drum Corps is music's Major League. Students from all around the world ages14-22 pay a lot of money to march with their favorite Corps each year. My tuition when I first joined Drum Corps in 1998 was $475. That very same Corps today costs $2600!!

You want to hear what the students get for this $2600 tuition?
- Endless hours in the blazing sun and rain playing the same 15 minutes of music over and over again.

- Practice in all of each of the extreme weather possibilities.
- Practice all day 8am to 11pm except an hour for each meal.
- Marching in formation in that same blazing sun for endless hours.
- Get yelled at by staff.
- Move a lot of heavy equipment around.
- They get to sleep on world class high school gym floors 50% of the time and the rest of the time on a tour bus (charter) for 6-9 weeks.
- Experience a really cold or really hot shower compliments of some of the school locker rooms.
- Put on a hot polyester form-fitting uniform for a couple hours in the hot summer sun. (Most likely with a slight sun burn.)

- They get to find out how many of their 139 other Corps members snore.
- Endure sores, aches, pains, muscle strain, and sun burns.

Now I know what you're saying, this list doesn't sound too awesome... Let me continue.
- Share their summer with kids around their same age that share the same passion for music.
- World class staff and instruction on their specific instrument.

 - Physical endurance, and intense exercise regiment.
- Three squares everyday while on tour. Including snacks.
- Preplanned diet, weight loss/ maintenance including muscle definition.
- They learn about commitment, teamwork, self worth, self control, independence, perseverance, and dedication.
- They get to travel all over the USA and sometimes visit other countries.
- Preform in front of thousands of fans across the united states.
- A new family of over 150 people.
- Memories that will last a lifetime.
- Friendships that will last a lifetime. 

 - Pride in being apart of an activity that has and will change the lives of millions.

You really can't describe Drum Corps in a few words but I tried to in the fewest possible!

Inside this world of music many people share the same passion. A passion for learning, family, performance, and music. Even the parents that had no clue what Drum Corps was till their kid asked them for $2600 to march it. Parents travel with the Corps and are the main volunteers for cooking all the meals, driving the trucks, and sewing the uniforms.
It's a way of life for many for a few months out of the year; Although, there are many that live it all year round. I'm talking about the people behind the scenes. The board members, staff, alumni and volunteers that put in extra hours into raising money or recruiting during the off season. No matter what side of this activity you are on, I believe it makes people beautiful on the inside. Yeah you get a person with a bad taste for Drum Corps every now and then, and you just have to take every persons experience individually because in this activity there are no spots that are exactly the same. No really... all performers have their own dot on the field that is unique (unless your an alternate) Ha ha.

The way I find makeup and Drum Corp colliding into each other to create this post, is the creativity that is put into the color guard's makeup for each show. Every Corps has a different show every year and, I wish I was in guard for this reason, each year they get to create a new makeup look according to the show title and songs. This year my Corps' show is called Spectrum. Oh the colors, designs, and creativity that can go into this makeup. For his blog post I have created my own interpretation for this shows makeup design.

I feel like I captured a Peacock more than the Spectrum, but in any case I really like how this look turned out. 
Brands used:
Urban Decay, MAC, Lime Crime, NYX, Este Lauder, Sephora Brand.

Thanks for taken a look into my other world.
For more info on this amazing sport, (yes it is a sport) visit DCI 

 Jamie <3

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