Thursday, October 11, 2012

Olivia Care Hand Soap

Olivia Care
Olive Oil & Herbs Liquid Hand Soap - Mandarin
$10.00, 20 oz

This stuff is pretty awesome. Not only do I use it for my hands at home but I use it on my oily to combination face! I know I know.... It soooo bad to use hand soap on your face, but this one is different! It contains chamomile, aloe, comfrey, and rosemary, all of which help to heal the skin. The only thing this soap is lacking to make it a fantastic facial cleanser is an anti-bacterial component. As is it lathers real quick, smells super awesome, and doesn't dry out my skin. The secret to this product is the olive oil they use in. It leaves my skin so soft and it doesn't get oily later on, well... any more then it normally would with some other expensive facial wash that cost $60 for less ounces.

I probably would have never tried the stuff even as a hand soap if my husband didn't get a free sample from their bottling distribution warehouse. THANK YOU! Even my co-workers love the stuff!

The packaging is pretty standard, but one of the other scents I got my hands on the pump dispenses WAY too much, so we just stay aware of it. Other then that this product is pretty nice and I plan to purchase more when I run out. 

;-) Hope to see you all again soon!
Cutie J~  

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