Thursday, August 12, 2010

FX Tangle Out

Tangle out
6 oz

If you were hoping for the winning detangler get ready for disappointment. This spray pump bottle may look cute, fit nicely in your hand, and smell nice but the product inside isn't worth even the cutest packaging.

It claims to instantly detangle your tresses to minimize breakage, hydrate, replenish, and restore balance. I don't know if it hydrates, replenishes, or restores balance, since I only used this product one time and immediately took it back to the store the next day for a refund. When using the product as directed it felt like there was the potential for detangling power, but as I got into the thick of my bleach blond, stretchy hair it was like I had not even conditioned my hair. So I sprayed more, and more and more, and even with the wide toothed comb starting from the bottom to the top nothing at all about this product helped detangle my mess.

So back to buying my $30 something bottle of Enjoy detangler and conditioning spray and still on the search for that affordable detangler anyone in this economy can afford.

~Sparkle Dust and All That Lust~

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