Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MyGlam Bag Revisited

MyGlam Bag Ipsy $10 us + tax where applicable  
(the Ipsy online community is free.)

This is my second review of this beauty sample bag subscription. Click here to see my first review.

I am pleased that I stuck with Ipsy as it journeyed along it's path to coveted monthly beauty subscription. Every month you get 4-5 deluxe samples and full size beauty products. The products may not always be the one or what you wanted or even something you'll use, but that is the risk you take when participating in subscriptions like this. 50% of the time the products are from companies you've never heard of and some times you get multiple products from one beauty brand. Some times you get your 5th different type of Argan oil, and some times you get sample pouches. Ipsy is the only subscription box/ bag, what ever you want to call it, I currently subscribe to. Yes, I tried others like Glossybox and Sample Society, and both were pretty awesome. I chose to stick with Ipsy for 3 reasons.

1. Subscriptions are still hard to get so if I cancel It might be a little while before I get another one.
2. I enjoy the products I have recieved.
3. It's the most inexpensive.

I do not participate in the community as of yet since I just don't have the time, so if you Do participate in the community leave a message on how you like it below.

Now, I do have quite the collection of little bags, (4 of which I carry on me all the time) Call me the bag lady! But none of them are the same. I enjoy the diversity of the bags and I use a lot of them to organize my makeup inside my makeup case. They also work great for giving gifts in and what girl doesn't love small bags they can re purpose? I am also building quite the collection of deluxe sample sizes of hair products and creams which I choose to keep if I think I'm going to use at a later date. Some I know I won't use I give away to a friend that might use it.

The whole purpose of these subscription sample bags is for the brands to get their products out to the masses of people who a.  don't have the money to try full sized products and b. to ultimately get you to purchase products this brand produces. I have purchased many full size products after using the sample I received in a bag or box. I have purchased products I never would have if I hadn't received the sample in the subscription, and I have been able to sample products I could never afford in full size.

So bottom line is Ipsy/MyGlam Bag has come along way from it's first shipping disaster months and it's misleading first AMAZING bag of December 2011 to a very consistent, good quality, almost always reliable shipping, sample bag subscription that other subscriptions programs would be proud to send out samples along side of.

Hope this helps in your decision to try the bag if you get the chance.

Drowning in samples, Jamie ~

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