Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Education

The other day I was looking up pictures of Emily Blunt. She played the redheaded meanie assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. I love Emily Blunt, but while looking up her pictures there was another girl named Carey Mulligan. They were on a discussion panel together for the Santa Barbara Film Festival. She caught my eye and I decided to look up some of her pictures. Most of the pictures were from a movie called An Education. Looked kind of interesting and made a small mental note to look up the movie at some point in time.

Well my dish got turned off this weekend and every one knows I LOVE TV. Ha ha no I didn't forget to pay my bill we are switching over to Verizon Fios and I really didn't feel like getting charged outrageous prices for my addiction. Although most will... In light of this my husband and I decided to take a trip to blockbuster. Well we bought a couple videos and in them was An Education. Oddly enough I stumbled across it while browsing the two fer $20 section.

After watching this movie I felt the 2-1/2 hours it ran was not long enough! The movie is set in Britain with a 16 year old girl attending an all girl private school with a strict dad expecting her to go to Oxford College. However she gets detoured by an new interest much older than her. It ends kind of surprisingly but throughout the movie you get to know this 16 year old Jenny, who has a cute face, bright personality and an interesting quirk about her. Definitely a must see movie.

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