Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAC ~ Leopard Luxe

Leopard Luxe ($36.00 U.S. / $43.00 CDN)

Wild By Nature Midtone camel (M) (L.E.)
Notoriety Dirty brown with gold pearl (V) (L.E.)

Style Predator Frosted midtone yellow orange (V.P.) (L.E.)
Furiously Fabulous Frosted warm black (V.P.) (Limited Edition)

I was on the fence with this quad. I bought it because I figured that they are all limited edition colors and I don't think I have seen them before. I am happy I bought it. All of the colors are unique in their own right.

Wild By Nature is an odd color. It's almost the color of spicy brown mustard in a solid matte finish I am still trying to get this color to work into a look as it is a little dark to use as a highlighter color for my skin tone.

Notoriety makes me think of, if Brown Down and Mythology had a child. The gold flecks throughout is very light but reflects well in the light. Notoriety is a velvet finish.

Style Predator is a frosty dark peach color that reflects yellow. Super shimmery, and worked well as a very thin layer for a highlighter on my brow. Style Predator is a Veluxe Pearl. I get the pearl but still have no clue what "Veluxe" means.

Furiously Fabulous is a smooth warm black brown. Dark brown when thinly applied or a rich deep dark brown when layered. It is a veluxe pearl finish which gives it that not so matte yet not too frosty appearance.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)
Marked for Beauty Midtone grey with soft pearl

I really like this formula. It goes on smooth and dries fairly quick. The felt tip applicator works great for me and the long handle helps with accuracy. It has so much dimension to it. With it's medium grey base and tons of pearl shimmer to it, depending on what you pair with it will determine the final look.

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)
Lithe Frosted warm nude with gold pearl (F) (L.E.)
Old Gold High-frosted tarnished gold (F) (P)

Lithe shimmery nude color. Almost doesn't show up on my skin cause it is so close to my skin tone. This color I can see going into my lotion as an all over body shimmer.

Old Gold I got before it came out in this collection. It is a dirty gold with a tarnished green shift to it. Very great color for the fall.

So that is it for the items I purchased from the Fabulous collection from MAC. Most of the items have not sold out, so if you like something go test it out at your MAC counter!

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