Monday, September 27, 2010

An exclusive members only sale web site for indie and couture brands. First off anyone can join, it isn't too exclusive. Each day/ week they introduce new vendors to the sale, and advertise with a daily email. Vendors range from Michael Kors, NYX Cosmetics, even destination vacations.

Prices are for sure lower than retail. I also checked on Ebay and prices are lower on HauteLook too, but not by much. Products will sell till stock is sold out which is very limited. The kicker is waiting for the product to get to you if you cheap on the shipping.

Here is the catch. I place my order for two items on 9/22. Their due date to me is 10/8! First you place your order. Then they place their order with the Mfg. then this item is shipped to their warehouse, sorted, repackaged, then shipped to the customer. And here I thought waiting for 5 days was brutal for my UD I <3>$16.80.

Standard shipping a little under $8. Not bad. So I am torn between price and speed. Which would you pick, great price or need right now speed?

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Sparkle dust and lust ~Jamie~

Update on shipping and products.

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