Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Discount Shoe Shopping

I have been looking for ankle boots to replace my ubber cute Steve Madden ankle boots. I am starting to think I am never going to be happy with anything else. I have found shoes similar, and have even purchased some Guess shoes with a similar look. My Steve Madden shoes have outlasted the Guess shoes I bought to replace them .

I have dragged my husband into the shoe store a couple times when we were out shopping for other stuff (next to the shoe store). =
P But since I am super picky I haven't been able to find anything I really liked, or for the right price. I do 90% of my shoe shopping at DSW. Designer brands, good quality, and shoes 40, 50, 60, & 70% off! I try not buying my shoes there unless they are discounted and depending on the cuteness will depend on how much the discount needs to be.

I broke down last night after waking up to put on my Brown faux snake skin shoes and realizing the plastic piece on the heel has br
oken off and the side seam of the left same shoe is splitting. Boo... they did have a good run though. Last week my The plastic piece on the heel broke off of both of my black heels and I ruined them by continuing to walk around on them. Those went before their time, oh well. With these three sets of shoes I am down to my trusty Steve Madden Ankle boots and one pair of Brown shoes that I really should have given away a long time ago, I just don't like them. (Footsies 3/$15)

So I broke down last night and went to DSW and these are what I found.

Cute Madden Girl Black heels. These however I did pay full price. Like I said I broke down, I had to buy at least one pair to wear to work that were super cute.
Original $39.95

These Steve Madden black sandals are so cute, on their own and even cuter on. What sweetened the deal for me buying these was the 70% of price tag.
Original $44.94
Sale $13.48

Now I didn't notice this untill I up loaded these pictures but don't these two shoes look like they don't belong together? They do but they don't. Hurm... I am going to have to investigate when I get home. I may have to return these. But in any case they are cute Nine West grey heels.
Original $59.94
Sales $17.98
Let me know what you think. Ha Ha do you think they were worth the price? How about those Nine West ones... Two different pairs?

Thanks for reading.

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